Lock Boxes Protect Forklift Battery Power Pole Connectors

sb lockboxLock boxes for forklift battery connectors serve a dual purpose:

  1. They make sure power connections remain secure
  2. They prevent damaged or broken vehicles from being put back into service.

Both help make workplaces safer and more productive.

Triple Duty Lock Boxes

Lock boxes for SB, SBX and DIN connectors typically are made from polypropylene or other durable, non-conductive materials that cannot easily be accessed or compromised. They fit around electrical connectors for forklift batteries or other power supplies and include padlocks that prevent access from unauthorized users.

They can  hold electrical connectors in place, preventing them from being detached manually or accidentally during forklift use.

Lock Out Vehicles, Batteries

Or they can be applied to connectors that have been detached due to faulty equipment, accident investigations, or other instances in which equipment needs to be temporarily taken out of service. Once the lockboxes are snapped onto disabled power connections, no one can use that equipment until it has been authorized to be reintroduced into the fleet by management.

They allow chargers, batteries, and forklift vehicle themselves to be locked out, according to standards established by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Other Helpful Applications

Other uses for SB lock boxes include linking electrical cables while charging cycles are being completed, allowing for battery cool down, and for property battery rotation.

While a variety of sizes of SB lock boxes are available, typically they are made to fit 50, 175 and 350 amp connectors. In some instances, they are color-coded — red, yellow, blue and others — so users can see at a glance the amperage of the connectors they lock.




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