Linde Unveils load Management system

Linde Material Handling, manufacturer of material handling equipment with offices worldwide, has introduced a new load management system that helps better handle pallet stacks.

Linde’s new Load Management System helps to ensure safety when moving goods.
(Courtesy: Linde Material Handling)

The system displays all important load data to the operator and takes corrective action in the event of safety-critical operating errors that prevents accidents that could result in injuries or damage to goods and equipment.

The masts of the L14 to L20 pallet stackers have a load capacity of between 1.4 and 2.0 tons and can lift goods to heights of more than 5m.

The Load Management System offers a number of advantages to an operator including a large color display that show the relevant load capacity information, the actual weight on the load arms on one hand, and the current and maximum permissible lift height on the other. The system also warns the operator when the mast approaches the load capacity limit with a yellow warning symbol that appears on the display and an alert sound.

If the operator continues to lift the load, the system deactivates the lift function to prevent a safety-critical situation. A warning appears on the display indicating that the load capacity limit has been exceeded.

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