Linde Improves E20 to E35 Series Forklifts

Linde Material Handling, German-based manufacturer of forklifts, has removed the A-pillar

Linde has removed the A-pillar on its E20 to E35 series forklifts. (Courtesy: Linde Material Handling)

Linde has removed the A-pillar on its E20 to E35 series forklifts.
(Courtesy: Linde Material Handling)

on its E20 to E35 series forklifts to improve driver visibility.

According to the company, it is using the overhead tilt cylinders of these forklifts to absorb the forces acting on the mast during operation and channel them backwards through the overhead guard frame. This design change makes the A-pillar unnecessary.

A curved steel tube behind the steering column and dashboard replaces the A-pillar and serves as a boarding aid and permits the attachment of optional equipment including a terminal and display for the Linde Safety Pilot assistance system, a clipboard or mobile phone.

Introduced in April 2014, the Safety Pilot helps forklift drivers to safely operate their forklifts by assisting the driver to avoid dangerous situations and minimizing the risk of accidents by providing him with information on the load capacity. In addition, the device warns the driver visually and audibly if any operating errors are occurring and actively intervenes and regulates the truck functions. For example, if a forklift truck driver wishes to place a load on the shelf and is approaching the load capacity limit, the lifting speed is reduced. If the forklift truck driver continues to lift the load and reaches the maximum load capacity, the truck is deactivated and lifting and tilting functions are disabled.

Linde suggests that the forklifts be used indoors because it does not include doors or heating of the cabin.

Linde is also offering additional equipment options for the forklifts including a frameless windshield, which is made of safety glass, and a frameless rear window.

In addition, Meijer Handling Solutions has introduced the RollerForks® Push-Pull forklift attachment that is able to lift load stacked directly on the floor. It permits quick and easy handling and placement of floor-loaded pallet-less goods. The device includes a hydraulic portion that is used only for separating double-stacked slipsheeted loads or when removing a slipsheeted load from a pallet. This makes the unit about twice as fast as other push-pull equipment.

Benefits of the Push-Pull Rollerforks® forklift attachment include:

· Ideal handling of multiple stacked slip-sheeted goods.
· Fork width can be adjusted to offer the best possible load stability.
· Offer versatility for use with standard pallets and pallet-less loads.
· Improved handling speed lowers handling cycle times and cost.

Options available with the Rollerforks® Push-Pull forklift attachment include:

· Quick change coupling
· Electrical solenoid valve to control three different functions –- faceplate/gripper longitudinal movement, faceplate/gripper/Rollerforks® fork positioner movement and sideshift movement of combo.

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