Keytroller Introduces New Keypad Ignition System

Keytroller, a manufacturer of safety devices for forklifts headquartered in Tampa, Florida, has released a new keypad ignition system that discourages unauthorized operation of forklifts and other vehicles.

Called Start-Smart, the keypad device can be used on a variety of vehicle applications including electric, gas, LPG or diesel and can be used on such vehicles as forklifts, electric jacks, skid steers, backhoes, cranes, personnel carriers, golf carts and even military Humvees.

The device turns on the ignition after a valid code is tapped onto the keypad or a RFID card is used to activate. The operator can start and stop the engine directly from the keypad eliminating the need to use the ignition key.

(Courtesy: Keytroller)

Once enabled, the driver starts the engine by simply pressing the start button, which engages the ignition and starter relay. When the operator lifts his finger from the keypad, the starter relay drops out on IC vehicles and the ignition relay stays engaged.

To stop the vehicle, the operator strikes the stop button or disengages a seatbelt or gets off the vehicle and the seat or foot switch logs out the device.

The device measures 3.5-inches by 3-inches by three-quarter inches and fits to any dashboard and can be used on a 12-volt, 24-volt- or 48VDC vehicle.

The unit includes two components:

· A weather sealed keypad that is potted with liquid gel to prevent water or condensation from intruding onto the PCB board.
· Dual relay module with in line weatherproof connector.

(Courtesy: Keytroller)

All electrical connections are made at the relay module.

The device logs in and out event time and date to the second so a manager can see exactly when the vehicle was started, how long it ran, and when it was stopped.

The Start-Smart is programmable in two ways:

· By using a programmers code or RFID card and a sequence of keypad presses to insert or remove the operator’s code/card credentials.
· By using Start Smart PC software, which permits the programmer to create a user database for all the drivers’ codes, RFID cards and expiration dates. The programmer simply checks the appropriate drivers for a unit and presses the program button to insert all the drivers at once.

The Start-Smart includes an anti-theft wireless relay system that prevents hot wiring or starting and theft of equipment left unattended.

The device is designed to last the life of the vehicle with trouble free operation. Models are available in SSD (Duraswitch) or SSM (Metal Piezo).

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