Keeping a Watchful Eye on Forklift Use 24 / 7 / 365

Cyberwatch LAN

Cyberwatch LAN (Photo via Keytroller)

Many companies today are more closely monitoring how, when, and why their forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles are being used. When every penny matters, it’s critical that businesses improve efficiency, eliminate waste, and boost the bottom line through more streamlined operations.

While high-tech monitoring devices can continually stream data to management via onboard sensors and other devices, what happens if the vehicle enters an area of the warehouse that is out of range of the WiFi signal? Or if the forklift operator — intentionally or not — disables the data gathering equipment?

It could mean managers may not always have access to the critical data it needs to make the best decisions for the business.

Faster, Stronger, Smarter

But now Keytroller — a tech company out of Tampa, Florida — has developed a new type of forklift monitoring device that can monitor and track forklift usage regardless of where the vehicle is driven. Plus, the company’s new Cyberwatch LAN can send reports and even alarms to managers based on pre-programmed data points.

The Cyberwatch LAN attaches to any of four different inputs on any type of gas, LPG, diesel, or electric forklift and continually monitors such things as usage, idling, maintenance requirements, fuel levels, voltage, hydraulics, pneumatics, and engine temperature. It can determine whether or not the vehicle has been involved in a collision.

Managers can monitor this data over WiFi networks from remote desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or even their smartphones. Plus, it can continue to collect data even when the vehicle is out of WiFi range for later reporting.

The Cyberwatch LAN can even automatically send emails with usage and alarm reporting. For example, if a particular forklift exceeds pre-programmed usage or maintenance parameters, the device can instantly send an email out to an array of managers and/or supervisors.

High-Tech Monitoring for Smarter Business Decisions

The Cyberwatch LAN is embedded with its own web browser and IP address. The internal and external wireless access point and network settings are configured using a web browser accessing the devices internal web server.

That allows remote viewers to monitor real-time data values, such as hour meters and counters.

The device’s monitor also can be attached to the vehicles input power and enable the vibration counter to count the number of hours the forklift is running. Data collected by the devices also can be collected, collated, and presented in report form using scheduling software or an Excel spreadsheet.


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