June 13th is National Forklift Safety Day

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For the fourth year in a row, National Forklift Safety Day will highlight the safe use of lift trucks and the importance of proper forklift driver training.

The event, which will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 13th, will feature speakers, presentations, and other forklift safety related activities at the the Trump International Hotel, in Washington DC.

Participants include representatives of the Industrial Truck Association, a trade group representing businesses in the forklift industry.

Congressmen to Participate

Forklift manufacturers, business owners, and others plan to meet with members of Congress during the event to discuss ways to increase awareness about forklift safety, as well as to encourage safer behavior in warehouses, distribution centers, factories, and other places where forklifts are used.

In addition, on June 13th every organization that uses forklifts is encouraged to set aside time on National Forklift Safety Day to discuss forklift safety and review proper procedures for safely using the vehicles. The idea is that if as many businesses participate as possible on the specific day set aside to discuss forklift safety, then there could be fewer accidents involving forklifts the rest of the year.

Forklift Safety Statistics

Each year, more than 1 million forklifts are used on US job sites. Of these, an estimated 1 in 10 will be involved in some sort of accident during the course of any given year.

Forklift accidents cause an estimated 20,000 injuries per year, some fatal, and cost businesses an estimated $135 million annually. About 22% of these accidents involve forklifts overturning.

Accidents involving industrial trucks are the sixth most common reason for violations issued by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Promoting Forklift Safety

To help commemorate this year’s National Forklift Safety Day, a special forklift safety infographic called “10 Rules for Forklift Safety” has been commissioned that examines forklift operation rules and regulations, lays out important statistics, and provides tips for eliminating forklift hazards and enhancing safety.

In addition, a free Warehouse Safety Guide is available for download can also help encourage the safe operation of forklifts and other industrial vehicles in the workplace.

National Forklift Safety Day History

The first National Forklift Safety Day was held in 2014, but forklifts themselves have been an important part of the industrial and commercial landscape since 1917. Since then, annual sales of forklifts in the US tops 19,000 vehicles.


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