iForks Weigh Loads While Still on Forklift


Photo courtesy of Cascade Corporation

A new high-tech forklift attachment can actually accurately calculate the weight of a load while it is being carried by a forklift, eliminating the need to transport loads to a scale or other device prior to moving or loading it.

The devices, cleverly called iForks, are manufactured by Cascade, a materials handling equipment company based in Portland, Oregon. They feature tiny solid state electronics that capture the weight of the load while it is still on the vehicle’s forks. That information can then be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to the forklift cabin, where the driver can see it, as well as to a remote computer, tablet, or other device where it can be integrated with a Warehouse Management System.

Doing Double Duty

iForks eliminates the need for floor scales, weighing rooms, or weighing areas. Because they weigh and carry loads at the same time, they cut down on time and labor, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Each set of iForks are powered by rechargeable battery units that can be switched out instantly. Contained within the units themselves, the sleek design of the battery eliminates the need for bulky housings.

iForks can be used in combination with fork positioners, and have minimal displacement of load center, resulting in a higher lifting capacity. The blue iForks feature bright yellow tips that optimize visibility, improving safety and decreasing the risk of accidents.

Sleek, Durable, and Efficient

“The Bluetooth transmitters and calibration board have been integrated into the forks to avoid the risk of being damaged,”  Cascade stated on its website. “This makes downtime on the iForks extremely low. Both scale forks communicate independently with the driver display in the cabin f the truck, each via its own Bluetooth transmitter mounted in a small niche in the vertical part of the fork.”

The driver sees the weight of the load being carried on a bright, eye-catching blue LED display.

The devices can be installed on practically any existing forklift, including those with a load backrest above the carriage. With a minimal adjustment, hey can even be used in combination with a fork positioner.

Weighing loads is a common task in a variety of industries using forklifts, including agriculture, chemical, metal, paper, shipping, recycling, and warehousing. iForks can reduce a step in the handling of palletized loads and other products, free up valuable floor space, and provide critical data to an operation’s WMS in real-time.


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