Hyster Offers Side Battery Exchange Option

Hyster, a manufacturer and distributor of forklift trucks with facilities worldwide, has introduced a side battery exchange option on selected forklifts including the J1-5-2.0XNT series, the four-wheeled J1.6-20XN series, and the J2.2-3.5XN Series.

Hyster introduces new battery exchange option for selected trucks.
(Courtesy: Hyster)

The battery exchange option takes just a few minutes and assists with multi-shift applications.

The new battery exchange option means that the company is now offering five different battery exchange methods across a selection of 48 V and 80 V Hyster electric forklifts, which will suit a variety of infrastructures and budgets.

To enhance the new battery exchange option Hyster has also introduced a Powered Battery Exchange Stacker. Designed for customers with no existing infrastructure to permit battery exchanges, the stacker works with all battery sizes used on Hyster 1.5T-3.5T electric counterbalance trucks.

The stacker is designed so that the battery sits in a battery tray that is lifted in and out of the counterbalance truck as one. The battery and tray can then be placed down onto a battery stand for recharging.

The stacker includes an on-board charger to permit a truck to be charged via any power socket.

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