Hawker Introduces New Batteries

Hawker, manufacturer of industrial batteries headquartered in Ooltewah, Tennessee, has introduced Flex and FlexPak Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries.

The Hawker Flex and FlexPak battery is essentially maintenance-free.
(Courtesy: Hawker)

The batteries feature 2-volt cells or monoblocks that offer opportunity changing with no battery changing and practically no maintenance.

The batteries practically eliminate routine maintenance efforts. There is no need to water them and corrosion issues have been eliminated. Shorter recharge times ensure quicker battery availability and operators only need to schedule one full charge and equalization per week.

These batteries offer extraordinary flexibility. They can be used whenever needed and can be recharged when time allows including during breaks or at the end of the shift. Moreover, these batteries can be returned to service before they are fully charged and will go from 40% to 80% state of charge within one hour with the appropriately sized Hawker Flex charger. All Flex and FlexPak batteries are equipped with low voltage alarms (LVAA) to automatically alert the user when they should be charged.

TPPL batteries use a thinner grid design of high purity lead instead of cast lead calcium grids used in conventional sealed lead acid batteries. This results in increased plate surface area within the battery and that means there is more available power.

Hawker TPPL batteries include:

· Pure lead crystallography and pure fine grain structure to make the grid far more resistant to corrosion.
· Pure lead antimony grids that are much thinner than cast lead calcium grids or lead alloy grids.
· Very low internal resistance that results in higher charge acceptance.

Moreover, TPPL batteries stand up better to high rate discharging, has less resistance, accepts a charge easier than flooded batteries at a fraction of the cost of lithium and the plates are 99 percent recyclable.

Other benefits of the batteries include:

· Up to 300 percent of C6 per 24 hours for monoblocs and 160 percent for 2-volt cells that translates to high energy throughout the battery.
· Long maintenance-free life cycle of up to 1,200 cycles at 60 percent DoD for monoblocs and up to 1,500 cycles for 2-volt cells at 60 percent DoD.
· Extreme shock and vibration resistance.
· Environmentally friendly.
· Minimum gassing, which makes it ideal for use in shops, public areas, and sensitive manufacturing areas.
· Recyclable
· Ideal for multi-shift operations.
· Short recharge times including 40 percent to 80 percent state of charge in 35 minutes for monoblocks and 40 percent to 80 percent state of charge in one hour for 2-volt cells (when using a Hawker approved charger).
· Ideal for partial state of charge operations with one full charge and EQ per week.
· Ideal for opportunity charging.
· Works well in cold storage.
· Long shelf life of up to two years at 77°F.

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