Harnessing Magnet Power to Protect Payloads

Photo courtesy of Wuylens Engineering.

Photo courtesy of Wuylens Engineering.

A new forklift accessory that attaches to forklifts with high-powered magnets can protect products, payloads, and vehicles themselves from damage.

The product, called wuBump, features a soft, shock-absorbing plastic bumpers that can be attached to the back, side, and front of any forklift, reach truck, pallet truck, lift and access vehicle, or any type of materials handling equipment made of metal.

Installation takes only a few seconds. Simply attach a few straps to where you want the wuBump shock absorbers to go and the powerful magnets will hold the wuBump bumpers in place. Or, if you would like, the wuBump shock absorbing plastic bumpers can be bolted into place.

Benefits of Magnet-Attached Shock Absorbers

Besides being easy to install, wuBump shock-absorbing forklift attachments can help reduce the risk of back injuries, whiplash, and other common forklift driver injuries. The simple devices also improve operator ergonomics, allowing drivers to work longer, be more efficient, and make fewer mistakes.

Plus, wuBump magnet-attached shock absorbers help protect your vehicles, your warehouse, and your products from damage by creating a soft plastic barrier between the hard steel of the forklift and the energy from a low-speed collision with any object.

The wuBump shock absorbers that fit on the back of forklifts can help protect the vehicle from collisions up to 6.4 miles per hour.

The mobile shock absorber is made of a hollow cylinder and a solid cylinder that slide together. Both are made from a durable multi-layered elastomer that can absorb the energy from a collision then quickly retake its original shape.

Protecting Cardboard for Ikea

Wuylens Engineering, the UK-based company that created the wuBump shock absorbing forklift attachments, recently developed a new version of the product that attaches to the steel front face of the fork back.

The company was contacted by Ikea in the Netherlands, where warehouse managers were looking for a solution to damage to their cardboard boxes. While moving boxes within their facility, the boxes were frequently being damaged by contact with the front face of the fork back.

Wuylens Engineering developed a flexible fiber structure that could be attached to the front face of the fork back by means of magnets and the problem was solved.

Protection for Racks and Shelving

The wuBump shock absorbers can also be mounted on the front face of the front wheels of the forklift’s forks to avoid collision damage with pallets, products, and racking and shelving systems.

The wuBump magnet-attached shock absorbers are designed to fit easily on any forklift up to 5 tons.

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