Get Your Forklift Ready for Snow Season

Photo by Clement Bucco-Lechat (via Wikimedia Commons)

Photo by Clement Bucco-Lechat (via Wikimedia Commons)

It’s already late November, so many parts of the country can be assured that snow season is right around the corner.

Last winter, many areas experienced record snowfalls. And this winter could bring the same.

This time of year, a lot of businesses prepare for the snowy season by arranging for their landscaping company or another business to provide snow removal services for their parking lots and other surface areas. But trucks fitted with snowplows normally can’t reach docks, interior warehouse areas, and other places that can be affected by snow.

Plus, many snow removal companies require you to pay for their services whether you need them or not. So if there isn’t a lot of snow this winter, you could be paying for services you don’t need and can’t use.

Converting Your Forklift into a Snowplow

One solution is to fit your existing forklift with a snowplow attachment. Forklifts can operate both indoors and outside, so you can use your forklift to remove snow from parking lots and other exterior surface areas as well as snow that blows or gets tracked into your dock or warehouse.

Plus, if you already have a forklift, you don’t need to pay an outside company to provide services you may never even need.

Snowplow attachments can be stored conveniently out of the way until needed. When a snowstorm hits, they can be quickly and simply attached to your current forklift and used to clear snow efficiently, eliminating the need for costly snow removal services with outside contractors.

Forklift Enclosure Covers

You also can protect your forklift operators from falling snow, freezing rain and other moisture by equipping your forklift with a cabin enclosure cover.

These durable plastic covers provide a protective barrier between the operator’s cabin and the outside weather. But their transparency allows forklift drivers to continue to operate their vehicles safely as they efficiently remove snow or use their vehicles to lift and transport loads.

Rain guards and other protective shields are easy to install and can be fitted over the cabin of your forklift in just minutes. The enclosed area not only protects the driver from bad weather but also traps heat to keep them dry, warm and safe while they are on the job.

Salt Spreaders

Another winter forklift attachment to consider is a salt spreader. This is a tool that can be either attached to the rear of the forklift or towed behind the vehicle to spread snow- and ice-melting ice in the vehicle’s path.

Keep your driveways, parking lots and other surface areas clear of slippery ice and snow by using a salt spreader attached to your forklift fitted with a snowplow. Now your vehicle can perform double-duty, clearing surface areas of snow and ice and melting any residual hazards at the same time.

This winter, get ready for the inevitable bad weather by prepping your forklift with the attachments and accessories you need: Snowplow attachments, cabin enclosures, and salt spreaders.

Don’t spend a fortune paying somebody else to remove snow and ice for you. Do the job yourself with these helpful and convenient forklift accessories.


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