Get Ready for Winter with These Forklift Plow Attachments

lights and alarmsIf the freezing temperatures and an unseasonably snowy Autumn are any indication, it’s going to be another record-setting winter this year.

With a little preparation, you can save money on hiring a plowing company to clear your parking lots, work yards and other areas by simply fitting you forklift with easy-to-connect forklift plow attachments.

The Right Plow for the Job

Forklift plow attachments come various sizes and in a number of different models to suit different purposes, including fixed blade, adjustable and spring-loaded options. Spring-loaded and adjustable plows can be moved so that they point to the right, left or straight ahead. Fixed blade plows are permanently angled to to allow snow to be swept to the left.

Most snow plow forklift attachment come with heavy duty steel wear strips to help prolong the lift of your plow. Optional thick rubber blade inserts also are available on many models of forklift snow plow attachments.

Generally, most forklift snow plow attachments fit onto the front forks of the vehicle by means of adjustable sleeves that can be pushed forward or back depending on the deepness of the snow and the power capacity and traction of your forklift. The plow can also be lifted up and down by raising or lowering the forklift’s tines on the hydraulic mast.

Help Maintain Productivity

Once installed on the vehicles, forklift snow plow attachments can be used to clear snow, frost and ice from roadways and work areas by driving the forklift forward and backward as necessary. Combined with a salt spreader, clearing your company’s work spaces of wintry weather is fast and easy.

If you are using an open cabin forklift for snow removal, you might want to consider investing in removable plastic shields that can enclose the cabin from the elements without impeding visibility to the operator. Another option is to simply have your operator bundle up in protection from the cold temperatures and wet wintry weather. If that’s the case, make sure operators are provided with safety goggles or other protective eyewear to prevent snow and ice from getting into their eyes.

Getting Ready for Winter

Snow plow attachments for forklifts is the best way to prepare for the coming winter weather and keep productivity high regardless of the elements, according to Jason Cadman, technical sales consultant for the UK’s Contact Attachments.

“With the winter months fast approaching us, and the Met Office suggesting that this year’s winter will be colder than average, many companies are already considering their snow management plans,” Cadman told the website MHW Magazine. “The UK rarely experiences major fluctuations in the weather, but it’s highly likely that as the cooler air arrives, so too will the snow, and this can really catch people off guard and affect their day to day routines.

“With the use of a forklift snow plow attachment, they can rest safe in the knowledge that they can utilize them as they need to ensure business operations continue to run smoothly,” Cadman said. “All of our plows are designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 quality procedures, are CE marked, and have been stress analyzed to eliminate any weak points that can occur with the pushing of heavy loads such as compacted and layered snow.”


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