German Company Expands Inventory of Forklift Attachments

The ingenuity of forklift attachments manufacturers continue to expand the assortment of forklift attachments with new products to assist in the material handling of difficult applications.

Bale Clamp CR version. (Courtesy: Durwen)

Bale Clamp CR version.
(Courtesy: Durwen)

One such company to unveil new forklift attachments is Durwen, a family-run business in Germany. Created in the 1940s, the company is constantly developing new forklift attachments for some of the most difficult applications including:

· Freight Transport
· Automobile Industry
· Food Industry
· Beverage Industry
· Building Materials Industry
· Recycling
· Wood Industry
· Steel Industry
· Agricultural Trade

Some of the newest attachments include multiple sideshifts, paper roll clamps, and bale clamps.

Multiple Sideshift. (Courtesy Durwen)

Multiple Sideshift.
(Courtesy Durwen)

The multiple sideshifts can handle two, three or four pallets at one time. The tool includes sideshifting front plates and can be used to permit the joining or separating of loads or for correcting fork position. The device attaches to standard hook-on forks. The apparatus permits equal distribution to all fork sets and prevent off center loading.

The paper roll clamps feature slimline arm profile and are available for a variety of configurations. Revolving paper roll clamps are designed to take rolls in bilge position with regular forklift truck mast tilt of 3.5° forward. Zero degree arm design is also available.

Paper Roll Clamp. (Courtesy: Durwen)

Paper Roll Clamp.
(Courtesy: Durwen)

The slimline arms have multiple smooth wear protections as standard. The attachment features 360° direct drive rotation for reliable and smooth rotation of reels. The standard contact plates are made of steel and include a machined grip profile. They are easy to maintain and repair. Attachments with pads and pad surfaces are available.

Models with powered short arms include sequential positioning as standard. An alternative positioning at 45° rotation is also available.

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