Fun, Fantastic Forklift Toys for Girls and Boys!

SMH Wood Model Forklift

SMH Wood Model Forklift

Some kids dream about growing up to be astronauts, football players, or ballerinas. But most want to grow up to be just like their mom or dad.

Forklift-related toys let you bring your work home with you … so your children can use their imaginations to make believe they are working hard just like you.

Children natural for children to model their behavior after their parents. Forklift toys can help instill the same values of hard work, honesty, and integrity in your children that you bring to your job — while having fun at the same time!

Die Cast Forklift Toys

Did you know that there are nearly as many different types of die cast forklift toys as there are forklift brands in real life? That means you can get your child a toy version of the same type of forklift you operate at work.

For drivers of Toyota forklifts, there is the Toyota 5FD25 toy forklift that features the brand’s distinctive orange color. Or if you normally drive a Clark vehicle, there is the Clark C30 GEN-2 model forklift.

There also are toy forklifts that resemble real life models built by Hyster, MantouLinde, and JCB.

Radio-Controlled Forklifts

Radio-operated racing cars, speed boats, and other toys are immensely popular among children of a certain age. But now you can get your kids radio-controlled toy forklifts.

They will spend hours mesmerized by these fun, entertaining toys that they can use to pretend they are working just like their mother or father.

Riding Vehicles

There are even larger forklift toys that are big enough for children to ride in. Your kids will love playing in these pedal-powered versions of the industrial vehicles you drive at work every day.

When it comes down to it, young children just want to be as much like their mommies and daddies as they can. Forklift toys help them visualize these feelings and can bring you and your children closer together.

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