‘Frankie the Forklift’ Expands Children’s Product Line

Frankie the Forklift Plush Toy (Photo courtesy of FrankieForklift.com)

Frankie the Forklift Plush Toy (Photo courtesy of FrankieForklift.com)

Just in time for the holidays, the creator of the “Frankie the Forklift” series of children’s books has introduced two new products that are guaranteed to delight children whose parents work with materials handling equipment.

The “Frankie the Forklift” plush toy and coloring book are now available on the website created by author Frank Clark to promote his children’s book. The new additions to the product line expand the offerings of the series, which are directed at children whose moms and dads are forklift operators, warehouse workers, or play some other role in the materials handling industry.

Understanding What Mom and Dad Do at Work

In a recent interview with StoryMonstersInk.com, a website devoted to children’s literature, Clark explained that he created his Frankie the Forklift so that he could help his twin boys, Christian and Hudson, understand what he does for a living.

Clark is a vice president with the Lilly Company, a forklift equipment company in Arkansas that was founded by his grandfather in 1919.

In 2013, during a visit to his father’s workplace, his then 2-year-old son Christian asked Clark if a particular forklift had a name. Quickly, Clark came up with “Frankie”.

From then on, rather than reading to his sons from other children’s books, Clark made up stories about Frankie the Forklifts adventures in the warehouse. And the character was born.

Expanding the Brand

Last year, Clark wrote and produced the first book in the series, “Frankie’s First Day at Work”. He asked his niece, Lilly Scheibelhut, a graphic designer to create illustrations for the book, which is self-published and currently available only online at Clark’s website.

In it, the character he created introduces the basics of materials handling, explaining what a warehouse is and what Frankie does there.

During his adventure, he encounters other friends, including Tony Towmotor,  Sally Shrink Wrapper, Petee Pallet, and others. Together, the characters have adventures while learning important life lessons along the way.

More Adventures on the Way

Clark already is developing a second book in the series, which will be called “Frankie Unloads His First Truck” and will feature Frankie overcoming his fear of trying new things, as well as fear of the dark.

But Clark already is creating an entire universe of new characters, including Gary Guard Rail, Clarence, Clamp Truck, Boo Boo Boom Lift, Dudley Dump Hopper, Stevie Stinky Truck (a garbage truck), Stewie Street Sweeper. In total, there will be about 20 characters living in Frankie’s world.

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