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Do You Have Adequate Propane Safety?

All potential forklift owners are faced with the difficult decision of whether to use propane fuel or spring for an electric forklift. Certainly, electric forklifts are an attractive option, as they have no tailpipe emissions. However, it should also be noted that propane is clean burning and a much cheaper option as well. You should also consider that charging the battery of an electric forklift is a formidable endeavor and can take exponentially longer than refueling your propane cylinder. In this post, we review some useful forklift propane safety products.

Personal Protective Equipment Kit for Liquid Propane

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit is indispensable for dealing with propane. It gives you all of the tools and equipment you need, while also serving as a great safety educational tool. The kit includes safety gloves, safety glasses, leak detector, and instructions. Because the instructions are included on a board, you can hang the kit in your work station for easy reference.

Leak Detection

Most Personal Protective Equipment kit comes standard with a container of leak detection. However, remember to keep extra leak detection handy for when you run out. Propane leaks are very difficult to identify, and this compound will help you pick up the scent of a leak before it develops. After applying the compound, it will produce a foam that will reveal to you exactly where a leak present.

Propane Cylinder Exchange Training Program

The Propane Cylinder Exchange Training Program is essential for those who are  just beginning to  familiarizing themselves with how to handle propane. The kit includes tools that will appeal to a wide variety of different learning styles. Among the tools are a manual, an instructional video, and a safety poster and sticker. Handling propane is serious business, and you can help make sure that workers are ready to deal with propane through having them undergo this vital program.

In the end, propane is a great fuel source for forklifts, as it is relatively inexpensive and refueling and exchanging cylinders takes very little time. Be sure to consider all of the products discussed in this post, as they will help you handle propane safely and effectively.

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