Forklift Modified to Support Military Operations

Millennia Military Vehicle

An MMV is used to load cargo onto a Navy landing craft (Photo courtesy of the US Navy and in the public domain)

Forklifts are used for all sorts of applications, from moving materials around a warehouse, to loading and unloading trucks and train cars, and even for lifting materials or personnel to heightened locations for repairs or maintenance.

But one particular type of forklift has been modified for use by the United States Marines and it has been providing loyal, effective service since 2002.

The Millennia Military Vehicles are forklifts that have been modified for use by the US Marines. There currently are more than 1,00 of the vehicles in use around the a modified version of a commercial forklift manufactured by JLG Industries (formerly OmniQuip International), according to the website Military Today. It has special features that allow it to be operated during military operations.

Contains No Weapons

Although the vehicle is designed to be operated in support units — it includes no defensive armament or weapons — the lives of our marines may depend on its dependability. That’s why the Millennia Miltary Vehicle all-terrain forklift is as tough as the Marines it serves.

While the MMV is used primarily to load, unload and carry palletized materials and boxes, it also has a telescopic boom that allows deep access inside shipping containers and trucks. It also can lift loads over obstacles.

The maximum lift capacity is 5 tons and the maximum reach is 9 meters. The maximum lift height of the MMV is 13 meters.

The vehicle is equipped to accept a variety of forklift attachments, including a fork-mounted bucket and a personnel platform.

Like its commercial counterpart, the MMV is operated by a single driver. The reinforced cab provides protection from falling objects and can help prevent injury in the event of a roll-over.

The military-grade forklift is powered by a Cummins QSB4.5T turbocharged diesel engine which provides 110 horsepower. Its gearbox has 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.

From the Halls of Montezuma … 

It is an All-Wheel Drive vehicle that provides high ground clearance, making it ideal for rough terrain and operation on unimproved surfaces. The MMV can easily make its way through the toughest of conditions, including mud, sand and snow. It has a maximum off-road speed of 35 miles per hour and a cruising rnge of 425 miles.

The Marine forklift has three steering modes: 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab steering, which is used while the vehicle is being operated in tight spaces, close to walls or near other objects.

The Marine Corps can transport to any location around the world via C-130 Hercules transport jets or larger military cargo planes. It also can be moved via the CH-53 “Sea Stallion” Helicopter.

The vehicles are manufactured at the JLG  Industries plant in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. Currently, there are more than 1,000 of the vehicles in use by our Armed Forces.

The first MMV was produced in July 2001 to meet the needs of the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Detachment groups. Since then, the vehicles have been fielded with both the Marines and the US Navy across the US as well as in combat zones in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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