Forklift Lights Illuminate Workplace Safety

Many forklifts come with headlamps standard. But there a wide variety of optional forklift lights that you can attach to your vehicle to improve pedestrian awareness and reduce the risk of a collision or another type of accident.

To enhance workplace safety, there’s practically no such thing as too much light. Keeping your dock, warehouse, and other work areas well lit can help prevent the majority of forklift accidents because drivers can see where they are going and pedestrians can see vehicles coming while they are still a good distance away.

But adding extra lights to your forklift can complement workplace lighting and enhance your business’s safety even further.

Forklift Strobe Lights

Perhaps the most popular post-market forklift lights are strobe lights. These bright, flashing lights can be easily affixed to the front, back, top, or any other part of your forklift.

The benefit of strobe lights is that they often can be programmed to flash in different ways. For example, some forklift’s strobe lights are automatically turned on any time the vehicle is in motion. Others can be configured so that they only flash when the forklift is backing up — usually in conjunction with a backup alarm.

Sometimes forklift strobe lights can be turned on manually by the operator at will. Or in some cases, the operator can override the preprogrammed use of the strobe lights so they can be used in special circumstances.

Forklift Running Lights

A relatively new trend in forklift lighting is running lights, which illuminate an area in front of, besides, or in back of the forklift when it is moving in that particular direction.

Running lights typically are projected a distance from the forklift, anywhere from a few feet to a dozen feet or more, to give pedestrians and other workers in the area a warning that a forklift is heading their way so they can get out of the way.

Like strobe lights, running lights can be affixed to the forklift after it has been delivered to your business. Or you may be able to customize your forklift with running lights prior to delivery. And some models of forklifts, forklift running lights are standard equipment.

Forklift Spotlight

Another type of forklift safety light is a spotlight that can create either a stationary beam or a beam of light that can be directed by the operator.

Spotlights are ideal for lighting up dark corners of a warehouse or dock; for working outside at night, dusk, or dawn hours; or for giving drivers an option to create even more light for specialized jobs.

Regardless of which type of forklift light you use, enhancing workplace safety can be illuminating.



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