When Is a Forklift a Jackhammer?

jackhammer attachment

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While most forklifts are used to pick up and carry pallets of materials from one place to another within a warehouse or manufacturing environment, the use of various forklift attachments can expand the functionality of the vehicle substantially.

For example, there are attachments that enable forklifts to lift unusually shaped loads, such as barrels or carpet rolls. Other types of attachments can be used to sweep or clean warehouse floors or other wide areas. There are even snow plow attachments that can convert your forklift into a winter road-clearing vehicle.

One Cool Tool 

But one of the coolest (and loudest) forklift attachment is the hydraulic breaker attachment, which also as the jack hammer attachment, the breaker, and the concrete breaker attachment.

The hydraulic breaker attachment fits onto the front of the forklift and is designed to provide enough raw power to break up concrete, asphalt and other heavy duty materials.

Makes Tough Jobs Easier

Operating a traditional jackhammer is hard work. Not only is it heavy and unwieldy, but the noise and vibrations can test the strength of even the strongest worker.

By using the forklift hydraulic breaker attachment, however, you can enable your heavy duty machinery to absorb most of the force.

The jackhammer attachment automatically converts the hudraulic capacity of the forklift’s lifting mechanism into its breaker device, concentrating its force on the tip of its cutting blade. The attachment’s design allows the breaker and vehicle to provide increased rock-breaking performance at lower operating temperatures.

Most models will meet the 750 foot-to-lb impact energy class that is required to break through such heavy duty materials as concrete.

Easy On, Easy Off

The jackhammer forklift attachment is easy to mount, so the same vehicle can be used to break up sidewalks, road beds and other concrete surfaces, then offload the waste material into a waiting container to be hauled off site.

The blade on the jackhammer forklift attachment — also known as the breaker cradle — is small, so it can fit into tight, hard to reach spaces easily. And most forklift hydraulic breaker attachments feature heavy-duty hoses and fittings that won’t be easily damaged by the impact and vibration of the job being performed.

Shock Absorbers and Noise Reduction

Upper and lower shock absorbers are often included to reduce noise and vibrations so that they aren’t transmitted to the operator. This is one of the biggest advantages of using the forklift jackhammer attachment for these types of jobs as opposed to a worker using a hand-operated forklift. The forklift operator can perform the same task with far less stress. And his back and shoulder muscles won’t hurt for the next couple of days, either!

So the next time you need to rip out a curb, driveway or sidewalk, rather than renting a jackhammer, why not consider making the job easier by using a hydraulic breaker attachment fitted onto the forklift you already own.

It can save you time, money and a sore back.


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