Forklift Gifts Holiday Shopping Guide

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With Christmas less than two weeks away, time is running out for finding the perfect gift for the forklift operator in your life.

As a public service, we are offering these gift-giving ideas for some of the hottest forklift accessories during this holiday season:

  • LED Lights — Improve safety and visibility in your warehouse or manufacturing facility by installing Look Out LED lights at blind corners. These helpful lights can be attached to the end of rack aisles or wall mounted to indicate the end of aisles. They use a single set of flashing LED lights to alert operators of dangerous encounters and no-view intersections.
  • Back-Up Alarms — Looking for an affordable way to say, “I care about workplace safety” this holiday season? Then why not consider these Safe-T-Alert back-up alarms. They can easily be retrofitted to practically any forklift and will emit a loud chiming beep whenever the vehicle is put into reverse, giving pedestrians time to get out of the way.
  • Forklift Dome Mirrors — Improve visibility at intersections and extend line of sight using these 9″ Forklift  Dome Mirrors. Available with both double-sided tape or magnet arms, these safety devices can be installed simply in just minutes, improving forklift safety.
  • Ergonomically-Friendly Back-Up Handles — Forklift operators spend a lot of time twisting and turning to see what’s behind them. These Ergo Back-Up Handles make the perfect gift because they help reduce stress and pressure on the back and spine and promote long-term ergonomic health. The forklift operator on your holiday shopping list will remember your thoughtfulness every time they reach for one of these comfort-enhancing forklift accessories. Options include a built-in horn button and a horn unit.
  • Model Forklifts — Is there a little one in your life whose eyes you’d love to light up on Christmas morning? Then how about teaching them what mommy or daddy do for a living by making a gift of these durable model forklift toys. Your children will spend hours playing with these heavy-duty miniature replicas of the vehicles you drive every day. Nothing says, “I love you” more than sharing your life with your children. Now you can capture the holiday magic and let your kids learn more about what you do at the same time.
  • Forklift Enclosure Covers — Traditional holiday gifts include socks, underwear and other apparel to keep your loved ones warm and dry throughout the coming winter. Do the same for the forklift operator in your life by gifting them with a forklift enclosure cover. These transparent plastic covers can be attached to practically any forklift in just seconds. Most feature zippered doors that can be used to shut out harsh weather and keep the vehicle’s cabin warm and dry while drivers go about their work.

The holidays is a time for gather together with your loved ones and sharing with them the gifts they can enjoy all year round. When you present the people in your life with forklift accessories they can use at work and at play, you can keep the magic of the holidays alive all year long.

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