Forklift Drum Attachments Can Pay for Themselves

Forklifts are primarily designed to lift pallets and heavy items like machinery. And when they are equipped with attachments like carpet poles, hoppers, and booms, they can do even more.

But just try to use a standard forklift to lift a barrel or a drum and the results can be futile, if not disastrous. Cylindrical drums filled with oil, chemicals, or other liquids can’t be easily moved by hand or even with a hand truck.

So when you try to use two square forks to lift a single round drum, the only thing you likely are going to get is a mess.

Forklift Drum Attachments

Yet drums and barrels are one of the simplest ways to transport liquids in just about any workplace. While they can be lifted with a standard forklift when palletized and wrapped, this isn’t always convenient, especially if you need to lift only one or two drums.

Forklift drum attachments make lifting and transporting drums in your workplace much simpler and easier. They are designed to safely grasp the drum and securely hold it while it is lifted by the forklift and transported effectively to where you need it next.

While forklift drums are an additional expense, when you use them frequently they can more than pay for themselves in terms of a decrease in labor costs and an increase in workplace safety.

Higher Productivity, Lower Stress

Businesses that use barrels and drums frequently can often benefit from forklift drum attachments because they can improve productivity significantly. Anytime your forklift operator has to stop his vehicle, get out of the cab, and load and wrap a drum onto a pallet before lifting it is costing you real labor dollars.

Forklift drum attachments let the driver use his vehicle to pick up a full drum as if picking up a can of beer. This not only improves efficiency but reduces the stress on your forklift operator.

More Driver Control

Another benefit of forklift drum attachments is that it gives the driver more control over the operation being performed.

When the operator has to load drums and barrels onto pallets, if they aren’t perfectly centered and balanced they can easily tip off the pallet. And if they contain caustic chemicals, it can create a hazardous materials situation.

Drums and barrels can be picked up instantly and securely. Drivers don’t have to worry about losing or spilling the products they contain.

If your business works frequently with drums or barrels, give your forklift operators the right tools for the job. Forklift drum attachments can often pay for themselves several times over in terms of improved efficiency and enhanced workplace safety.


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