Forklift Carpet Roll Attachments Make Tough Jobs Easy

Carpet pole.

Walk through any business office, retail center, or residential complex and you may notice something unusual about the floor: At least some — if not all — of the surface area is covered by carpeting.

Carpeting allows hard flooring to be soft and comfortable for people walking on it. It also can make it easier for facilities maintenance staff to clean and maintain. Plus, it can reduce the property owner’s liability if somebody should slip and fall by providing a padded surface that absorbs their impact.

Carpeted surfaces are quickly becoming the go-to flooring surface for new construction. They are typically less costly than surfaces like tile, marble, or even wood. And they offer many other benefits.

The Problem with Moving Carpets

The drawback to carpeting, however, is that it tends to be difficult to transport prior to installation. Unlike other floor surfaces, it generally can’t be broken down into small, more manageable units and packed into boxes to be installed by pieces.

Instead, high-quality carpeting such as that used in commercial and residential spaces comes in long, heavy rolls that are practically impossible to move by hand. Instead, special equipment must be used to transport carpet rolls from place to place.

Enter forklifts. Lift trucks have the power to carry heavy carpet rolls wherever they need to go. But the efficiency of that move relies on what type of forklift attachments are used for the job.

Forklift Carpet Roll Attachments

Carrying a wide carpet roll by laying it across the lift truck’s forks isn’t practical. For one thing, it can easily roll off, creating a potential workplace hazard. For another, try going through a doorway or dock door with a carpet roll that is too wide for clearance and you will have a real problem on your hands.

Instead, businesses that have to move a lot of carpet rolls generally will equip their forklifts with a special tool known as a forklift carpet roll attachment. Basically, it’s simply a long poll that fits inside the tube located in the center of the carpet that allows the operator to lift the roll quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Some forklift carpet roll attachments will feature sleeves that slide over the vehicle’s existing forks, while other can be attached directly to the mast.

In either case, the forklift carpet roll attachment gives the operator the ability to move heavy, bulky carpet rolls simply and safely.

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