Forklift Boom Attachments Handle Heavy Loads

Forklift boom attachments transform ordinary forklifts into more versatile tools that allow for very mobile delivery of lifting capacity.

The forklift boom attachment is a relatively simple design. It has to sleeves that fit on the vehicle’s forks, as well as a boom bar. A shackle and hook assembly sits at the tip of the bar to provide stability for loads to that will be lifted.

High Lifting Capacity

There are forklift boom attachments designed for use with specific brands and models of forklifts, as well as universal forklift boom attachments that can fit most forklifts.

The lifting capacity depends on the individual boom, as well as the maximum lifting capacity of the forklift. But there are some forklift boom attachments that can lift up to 6,000 pounds, or even more.

Related to Historic Shipping Tools

Today’s modern forklift boom attachments are based on an ancient design used for hundreds of years in the shipping industry. The jib boom was used to increase the length of the bow of sailing ships.

Jib booms originally were spar or poles that attached to the bowsprit at the forward-most position on the deck of a sailing ship. They were attached by means of iron fittings and lashing cords, as well as cable, called “stays”, that linked it to the ship’s forward mast.

Jib booms were a familiar sight to sailors, leading the ship as it cut through the waves.

Contemporary Uses for Jib Booms

Today’s cargo ships don’t generally use jib booms attached to the front of the ship. Instead, jib booms are attached to the cranes that are used to load ships from the shore, especially for use with cargo containers, the most efficient way to ship products and materials.

Crane booms are reinforced arm sections that are attached at the toe-end of the main boom of the crane, extending its reach. A hoist line runs from the body of the crane below the boom and jib boom to a hook or block, which is used to secure the load.

In addition to loading ships, this same type of crane boom is commonly used in heavy construction. Some crane booms rise hundreds of feet into the air to provide supplies and maneuver to build skyscrapers.

The forklift boom attachment doesn’t reach quite that high, but it still provides versatility and maneuverability to move heavy loads easily, making it one of the most effective forklift attachments.

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