Forklift Battery Removal

Removing your forklift battery is a fairly significant undertaking. Not only is the battery enormous, but there are safety hazards that accompany removing a large, metal object. In this post, we review tips for battery removal.

  • Make absolutely certain that you do not touch the battery with a metal object, as this will result in electric shock. Relatedly, you should always wear protective clothing, including eye protection, long sleeves, and rubber gloves.
  • The forklift battery is way too heavy for a person to lift by themselves. In order to avoid blowing out your back, it is necessary to use a machine to lift the battery. It is probably easiest to lift the battery using a second forklift, although you can also use an alternate locomotive to complete the task.
  • Once you have removed the battery, give it a thorough inspection; be on the lookout for any scratches or cracks. It is also essential that you ensure that the battery is not leaking, and if so, it should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • While removing or replacing the battery, make sure that you do so in an area that has plenty of natural ventilation. A battery is a dangerous object since it releases hazardous gasses; using a fume hood or an exhaust fan will help limit the potential for inhaling gasses. Additionally, you should always have neutralizing agents handy whenever dealing with forklift batteries.
  • A useful forklift accessory you may want to consider is the Roller Stand, which will make your battery removal process more organized and efficient. Not only is the stand the ideal surface on which to place the battery after it has been removed, but the hardwood tray gives you a useful platform for storing your necessary materials. An added bonus to the Roller Stand, is that the acid-resistant material is impervious to any harmful gasses emanating from the battery.

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