6 Ways To Transform Your Forklift

Komatsu Model Forklift

Komatsu Model Forklift

We generally only view forklifts as machines used for transporting material loaded on pallets.  However those days are now over!  There is a wide variety of forklift attachments available that can transform a simple forklift truck into an entirely different–but useful machine.  So what attachments are available that can transform your forklift into something useful for your business? Below are four transforming attachments that any business should know about—as they can help increase productivity, as well as help provide a safer work environment

   1.  Forklift Booms

A forklift Boom turns a normal forklift into a small crane machine.  This is extremely beneficial within the construction industry. The forklift boom is mounted onto the bottom of the fork blades.  Once properly attached to the forklift, the boom’s poles can extend out and operate similar to a crane machine.  There are currently four main types of forklift booms on the market:  coil booms, carpet booms, shooting booms, and pipe booms. You can Go Here to review the various booms we offer on our website, as well as learn more about each type of boom available by reviewing the product details.

   2.  Forklift Hoppers

The forklift hopper turns your ordinary forklift truck into a small trash dumper.  Like the forklift boom, the forklift hopper is also attached to the fork blades, being secured with safety locks, as well as safety chains. Once attached, you are now able to dump and transport heavy loads of trash.  Forklift Hoppers have the capability of reaching and tilting the trash out into large commercial dumpsters.  Click here to learn more about the various hoppers available.

   3.  Forklift Drum Attachments 

A forklift drum attachment allows a forklift to effectively grip, lift, and transport heavy drum barrels.  There are two specific types of attachments available. One is a drum gripper, which makes it easier for the driver because they can grip one to two barrels at one time and easily transport them to another location.  Another attachment is a drum lifter, which can easily grip, transport, and release the drum.  Please click here  to learn more about the available drum attachments from the product page.

   4.  Forklift Portable Loading Platforms

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