The Forklift Accessories Holiday Wish List

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It’s Christmas Eve and children around the world are anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus, the jolly old elf who will shimmy down the chimney with a sack full of toys and presents for good little girls and boys.

But what about the forklift operators and others in the materials handling industry? Are we to be forgotten by St. Nick? Or, worse yet, are we to get a stocking full of coal?

Our Holiday Wish List

Here, then, is our Forklift Accessories holiday wish list of what we would love Santa Claus to bring us tonight:

  • Forklift Safety during 2015 — It’s been a rough year for forklift safety. Despite the fact that 2014 saw the first ever National Forklift Safety Day (on June 10), there are numerous forklift accidents, crimes and other mishaps … including one Brooklyn operator getting killed in a freak forklift accident on National Forklift Safety Day! During the coming year, we’re wishing for 365 days of safe, accident free days and productive, injury-free workers.
  • Responsible Forklift Operations — We’re asking Santa Claus to make sure that forklift operators always follow the rules when it comes to safe operation. That includes daily pre- and post-shift inspections of their vehicles. Any problems should be reported immediately to their supervisor and any forklifts in disrepair should be taken out of service until they can be repaired.
  • Stable Loads — This year, we’re hoping that every load is stable and that operators inspect their loads for balance and stability before lifting and transporting them. Loads should be as symmetrical and secure as possible and have a low center of gravity. And they should be carried as far back on the forks as possible, rather than on the tips of the forks. We’re also wishing that while driving on ramps, loads be kept higher than the body of the forklift and that forklifts be driven forward while driving up ramps and in reverse while driving down ramps.
  • Clear Visibility on Every Load — This year, we’re asking Santa to make sure that loads are short and carried low to the ground to increase visibility. When visibility is restricted, the forklift should be driven in reverse slowly so that drivers can see better, except when driving up ramps. If visibility is reduced due to obstacles like high stacks or blind corners, we’re hoping that drivers stop and confirm that it is safe to proceed, or use a lookout to ensure safety.
  • Safe Pedestrian Crossings — Also on our wish list is that operators slow down and remain vigilant of pedestrians when approaching areas where workers are frequently found. We’re asking Santa that at intersections, corners, stairways, doors, exits and entrances, operators stop, sound the horn, and look around for pedestrians before continuing.

Finally, and most importantly, we’re wishing that everybody have a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday and enjoy and cherish their time with their friends, family and other loved ones … and that the spirit of Christmas be sustained throughout the entire year.

Merry Christmas and may God bless us, every one!


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