Fork Mounted Front Loader Can Do Double Duty

If you already use a fork mounted front loader attachment with your forklift, it could pay double dividends this winter.

Front loaders can often be used to transform your forklift into a makeshift snow plow to clear snow from docks, parking areas, driveways, and other essential work zones.

Simply slip the attachment over your vehicle’s forks, dress in some warm clothes, and get ready to save some money and time on snow removal this winter.

Preparing for Winter’s Heavy Snow

Front loader attachments can enable your existing equipment to remove snow and ice from essential areas, keeping your business productive even during the worst of winter’s weather.

If operators are clearing large outdoor areas or if the weather is dangerously cold, you also can fit your forklift with an overhead plastic rain guard that creates a barrier between wet, cold snow and sleet and the operator. Rain guards also can protect against winds and cold temperatures, conserving the heat created by the vehicle’s motor to help keep drivers warm and productive.


Snow Plowing Tips

If you use your forklift fitted with a front loader attachment to clear snow, it’s usually a good idea to keep on top of it as the snow is falling, rather than waiting until the snowstorm ends. If the snow gets too deep or heavy, it can make it difficult or even impossible for your forklift to clear essential areas.

Before heading out into the snow, it’s a good idea to check the forklifts fluid levels, tire pressure, battery or fuel supply, and lights. Make sure you also have extra hydraulic fluid, hydraulic hoses, a pump solenoid, extra cutting-edge bolts, and a trip spring on hand.

These steps should be done well in advance of the snowstorm’s hitting your area. As soon as the weather forecast includes even the chance of heavy snow, your snow plow plan should be launched into action.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

It’s also a good idea to equip your forklift with an emergency kit that includes a flashlight, an ice scraper, jumper cables (for electric forklifts), a first aid kit, extra clothing, a blanket, shovel, gloves, water and snacks, and a working cell phone or two-way radio.

Winter weather is no joke. Snowstorms can hit quickly and without warning, especially in open areas. Preparing your forklift to help clear snow in an emergency can keep your business going even when winter gives you the worst it has to offer.

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