Fill Your Music Playlist with Forklift-Themed Songs

Photo courtesy of Tony the Tiger (via Wikimedia Commons)

Photo courtesy of Tony the Tiger (via Wikimedia Commons)

One of the best things about iTunes, Spotify, Pandora or any of the other streaming music services available today is their search features.

Users can simply type in any keyword or description they want and instantly will get a list of songs, music, or other audio files that have any kind of relevance that that keyword.

Forklift Music a New Genre?

For example, typing the keyword “forklift” into iTunes brings more than 70 results, including everything from songs with the word “forklift” in the title to bands named after forklifts to audio sound effects of forklifts in action.

So what are some of the best forklift songs for your forklift music playlist? Here are a few suggestions:

  • “Space Forklift” by Kurt Vile — Fans of the alternative rock singer may enjoy this distortion-filled ode to the world’s most popular industry vehicle … or out of this world, in the case of this song.
  • “Forklift” by Pavement — Add this hard-driving song to your alt rock forklift playlist and you can keep the back beat going strong for at least another couple of minutes.
  • “He Tried to Kill Me with a Forklift” by MST3K — Fans of the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 may remember this song about a homicidal forklift operator. The bad news: This song isn’t great. The good news: MST3K may soon be coming back to the airwaves!
  • “Forklift” by Kernel Key — If you are into electronic dance music about industrial equipment, you might love this six minute plus track by Italian EDM artist Kernel Key. And if after listening to it you want to keep the party going, then you check out the follow-up track he recorded called “Pallets”. I’m not kidding.
  • “The Forklift Boogie” by Rob Gardner — Included on an album of children’s music called “Truck Tunes” is this instant classic. Apparently, there’s also a music video of the song. Other tracks on the record include songs called “Impact Hammer” and “That’s What an Excavator Does”. The things kids today are into today!

Remember, if you are going to listen to your forklift playlist, do it during your off hours. Listening to music while operating a forklift or other type of industrial vehicle is dangerous.


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