Emergency Care: The Eye Wash Station and Shower


Emergency Eye Wash Station

This post is directed at those of you who are involved in battery changing and exposure to harmful chemicals. As you may be aware, the OSHA requires that immediate first aid care be available in forklift operating facilities. In fact, every battery changing station must have an emergency eye wash station located no more than 10 seconds (by foot) away. It is important to note that when factoring in distance from the eye wash station , you should consider the route that is likely to be taken by someone—a person is obviously not always going to take the most direct route, particularly if forklifts or other hazardous objects are in the vicinity.

The emergency eye wash station is indispensable in protecting workers from the harmful effects of hazardous chemicals. It is well-known that the seconds immediately following exposure to a corrosive chemical are of vital importance, and the eye wash station will provide immediate relief. The OSHA also specifies that the station must be able to generate a 15-minute water flow, and the emergency eye wash station satisfies this requirement. Be mindful that it is this 15-minute requirement that prevents portable water bottles from being an acceptable substitute for the emergency eye wash station.

Different eye wash stations

There are multiple eye wash station models to consider. The Gravity Fed model is effective; it hangs conveniently on a wall and contains a tray that pulls down for easy use. Meanwhile, the Yellow Bowl model contains a yellow stainless steel bowl that provides even greater functionality. Regardless of the model you choose, they are both highly visible and offer excellent protection.

Shower facility

Although it is not mandated by the OSHA, having a shower facility should be viewed as an essential safety precaution. Where the eye wash station targets the eyes and face, the shower will protect your other body parts from the damaging effects of harmful chemicals. Although it is significantly more expensive, the safety benefits of the shower station outweigh its cost.





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