Expand Your Reach with Forklift Boom Attachments

Forklift Boom Attachment (Photo via Maktec Manufacturing at flickr.com)

Forklift boom attachments offer a fast, cost-effective way to improve the versatility of your forklift. But they also could save you a fortune on rental costs.

If you are frequently paying for a crane to come to your business to lift materials, assist in construction projects, or lift other heavy objects to heightened storage, purchasing or leasing a forklift boom attachment could be just the money-saving, practical option you’ve been looking for.

Forklift Boom Attachments

There are forklift boom attachments to fit just about any sized forklift, from rugged, outdoor all-terrain vehicles to smaller, more maneuverable indoor models. But all of them improve the versatility and usefulness of your forklift.

While there are also many different types of forklift boom attachments, the most common style features tubular construction with a fixed length, although many forklift boom attachments also are telescoping, which allows them to increase or decrease their length according to the user’s specific needs.

Forklift Transformers

In a way, forklift boom attachments are almost like the popular TV and movie characters the Transformers. That’s because just like Transformers, they can transform your forklift from one thing into another, in this case, a type of mobile crane.

Forklift boom attachments feature a long arm usually made of some type of metal that is affixed to either the forks or the forklift mast itself. Usually, they are attached using a clamp, a safety chain, or both.

Once attached, the forklift boom attachment extends out from the forklift and can lift objects from above by means of chains or hooks.

Uses for Forklift Boom Attachments

If you have rented a boom or crane more than once during the past 12 months, you may benefit from buying or leasing a forklift boom attachment.

They are frequently used in warehouses, construction sites, equipment yards, loading docks, and any other place where booms and cranes come in handy.

One of the most common uses for forklift boom attachments is moving materials from flatbed rail cars. It’s often easier to lift pipes, crates, and logs from rail cars than it is to drive the forklift on and off the flatbed repeatedly.

Convenience and Versatility

Forklift boom attachments are also often better for lifting bulky and odd-sized objects, such as equipment, wood trusses, long pipes, barrels, wallboard, and other materials that can’t be easily picked up by a traditional forklift.

If you pay rental fees for booms or cranes, you can save money and time by investing in a forklift boom attachment.

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