Enclosure Covers Protect Forklifts from the Elements

rain coverSpring is in the air. And for most of the country, that means at least a few weeks of erratic temperatures and steady rains.

While spring can be one of the busiest seasons for many businesses, it is also the time of year when weather conditions can interfere with operations. Rain, bone-chilling temperatures, and even snow can bring your forklift operations to a halt.

Forklift Enclosure Covers to the Rescue!

While some operations may slow down or even stop when spring weather stops cooperating, others can keep on rolling by providing their forklift operators with weather-proof forklift enclosure covers.

Forklift enclosures are clear plastic tarps that are designed to fit over the cabs of most standard-sized forklifts. They keep rain, snow and other moisture out while keeping heat in, allowing operators to remain productive when other forklifts are sidelined.

Some forklift covers fit over the entire cab, sealing the operator in with a zipper so he or she can remain warm and toasty. Others can simply fit over the top of the cab to provide an umbrella-type barrier against the elements.

Still others provide a rigid barrier that keeps drivers and forklift seats dry while allowing for easy removal once bad weather has cleared.

Taking Care of Operators

Forklift covers are affordable and can pay huge dividends in increased productivity during the spring, as well as at other times of the year when the weather is less than cooperative with your business goals.

But they also can help improve driver morale, increase job satisfaction, and even reduce your employee turnover. A dry driver is a happy and more efficient driver.

Forcing forklift operators to work in the rain without a forklift cap is just asking for trouble. You would protect pallets with a tarp in rainy weather. So why not the driver.

Better than Rain Gear

This year’s forecast calls for a wet spring throughout much of the country.

When the spring weather turns wet, some businesses offer their forklift operators rain gear. But raincoats don’t work as well as a sealed forklift enclosure cover in keeping drivers dry.

Umbrellas are an even worse idea. Expecting an operator to hold onto an umbrella while also trying to drive and operate a forklift not only puts workers in danger, but also pedestrians and products.

A simpler solution is to provide affordable, effective forklift enclosure covers during the unpredictable spring weather. Covers can be removed and stored for later use once skies turn sunny once more.



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