Double-Decker Forklift Doubles Down on Payloads

Image courtesy of TCM Co.

Image courtesy of TCM Co.

London is known for its double-decker buses. But now factories and warehouse in England and other European markets have the option of using double-decker forklifts.

The Japanese forklift manufacturer Toyo Carrier Manufacturing Co. (TCM) recently introduced its new SRD 200 double-stacker forklift which allows users to transport two pallets in every cycle.

The double stacking forklifts — which are actually manufactured for TCM in Sweden — improve the turnover rate for cross-docking, as well as loading and unloading.

Two Lift Trucks in One

With a driving speed of 6.2 miles per hour fully loaded, the SRD 200 lets operators essentially double their productivity while loading and unloading trucks or moving materials from one area of a facility to another.


The vehicle is powered by an electric AC motor and features an integrated anti-rollback feature.

Operators have the option of riding on a retractable operator platform or walking behind the vehicle while using it as a pedestrian stacker.

It comes with a number of different mast options, so its maximum lifting height ranges from 65 to 82 inches. All models feature a  ProVision mast design, as well as traction and safety enhancing technologies such as a hydraulic Friction  Force system.

It can carry 2,200 lbs on its forks and another 2,200 lbs on its straddle lift.

Safety Features

The SRD 200 also features new built-in cushioning the reduced vibrations while the vehicle is moving. It also has foldable side protection bars to prevent injury to the operator even while the vehicle is being operated at top speed.

It also features an ISO-certified overhead guard. The low chassis prevents foot injuries and the compact overall design, combined with optional fixed power steering, allows the lift truck to be operated in tight spaces.

Its stability support system automatically reduces the vehicle’s speed when it is traveling around corners, decreasing the risk of collisions or load slips.

To increase uptime and reduce the amount of required maintenance, the SRD 200 has ingress dust and moisture filters that protect key components during operation even in the dirtiest of environments, as required by new European guidelines.

Security Features

The double-decker forklift ha an electronic access control that requires operators to identify themselves with an access code or personal RFID card before the onboard computer will power up. The truck can then be set to operate at full or reduced power, depending on the user profile.

The vehicle is built on a common component platform with other TCM models, making it easier to get replacement parts and facilitating simpler repairs. The company estimated that 90% of breakdowns can be fixed at the first call-out.

TCM, which has manufactured forklfifts and other material handling parts and equipment since 1949, produced the first forklift that was made in Japan. In 2013, it merged wit UniCarriers Corporation and now has subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, and the United States.


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