Dock Bumpers Reduce Damage While Speeding Operations

Effective dock managers will conduct workplace walk-throughs in order to identify opportunities to improve operations. One of the fastest and easiest ways to make busy truck or railcar docks more efficient is with dock bumpers.

Dock bumpers are tough rubber barriers that can be attached to walls, sides, and other bay areas. They reduce chipping, abrasion, and other damaged caused by vehicles backing into stalls too quickly or carelessly. They can absorb up to 80 percent of impacts from trucks and rail cars, softening the blows to protect dock surfaces and buildings.

Experienced dock managers know that the busier a dock gets, the more likely the opportunity for facility damage. Truck drivers working too quickly can easily crash their vehicles into a bay, damaging the dock and/or their vehicle and putting people and property at risk.

Safe, effective dock bumpers can reduce or eliminate the costs of repairs from severe shocks to loading dock bays. They also reduce downtime and improve productivity by allowing drivers to work faster and safer at the same time.

Extra Padding

Dock bumpers provide a rubber barrier between vehicles and dock bays so that the risk of damage is diminished, providing impact protection for bays and vehicles alike. They can be placed practically anywhere within a dock, including walls, sides, doorways, and even ceilings. Wherever there is a risk of damage from impacts, bounces, or sideswipes, a dock bumper can help soften the blow.

They can be placed at the end of docks to protect against vehicle impacts during loading and unloading. They also can be used to help protect low docks, as well as to avoid rail rubs on the sides of truck wells.

Dock bumpers are useful to as wall bumpers for areas where there is heavy forklift traffic. They can save walls from cracks, scrapes, and skid marks while improving workplace safety. Best of all, once they are installed dock bumpers are essentially maintenance free.

Functional and Attractive

Most dock bumpers come in a matte black color, but they are available in a variety of colors and shades. They can enhance the professional look of your workplace while simultaneously improving safety.

Dock bumpers are also sturdy. Typically, they are anchored by bolts directly into the concrete, proving at least three inches of rubber to help soften impacts. Many are also environmentally friendly, made of reinforced rubber pads that have been cut out from recycled truck tires.

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