Could You Benefit From Short-Term Forklift Rentals

Fleet managers and warehouse managers are always looking for ways to save some cash. One way is short-term forklift rentals.

There are a number of reasons why short-term forklift rentals may be a benefit for a warehouse or distribution center. Your business is seasonal, unforeseen breakdowns can occur, there may be one off unique products that are shipped to your warehouse for delivery, or you just want to try a particular brand of lifts before you commit to buying one.

Seasonal Business

Perhaps your warehouse focuses on party items that a business or consumer would want to purchase during certain times of the year. These products can include fireworks, Memorial or Labor Day specific gifts and mementos, sporting goods, etc.

You can have a limited fleet of forklifts that are sufficient for handling the down times of the year and integrate your fleet with short-term forklift rentals for the busy times. Once the busy times pass, you simply return the rentals and go back to relying on your limited fleet.

Depending on your warehouse operation, renting forklifts for the short-term may save you money.
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Using such a routine can save when purchasing the limited permanent fleet because you know exactly how many forklifts you will need during the downtime. You don’t have to buy lifts that you need to store away someplace for a good part of a year. You also can save in the hiring of personnel. Just hire extra forklift operators when you need them. You already have a method of obtaining lifts when you need them. Planning out your forklift needs over the year could save you some dough.

If your warehouse operation relies on the delivery or inventory of one off products over a three-month or six-month period, then short-term forklift rentals can be an ideal way to handle periodic loads. If the products are over-sized or cumbersome, then you could rent lifts already equipped with the proper attachment to handle the materials. Once the one off product season runs its course, you return the rentals and go back to relying on your limited fleet. There is no need to purchase attachments that you might need during the heavy lifting period. And that would require an expense to store those attachments somewhere until needed. Another way short-term forklift rentals can save you some bucks.

Have a Back Up Plane for Breakdowns

It may not happen a lot, but even if your forklift maintenance program is the greatest ever devised, one, two or more forklifts will breakdown during a year or two years. Downtime for that lift and the lift’s operator may be awhile. You obviously don’t want to lay-off an employee nor do you want him to sit on his hands waiting for that forklift to get repaired.

A cheap alternative is a short-term forklift rental. You can arrange for the rental to last for as long as the downtime for the broken lift and once that lift is fixed and return, you just return the rental.

Trying Out A Brand

Buying a fleet of forklifts can be an expensive undertaking. You want to be sure that the forklifts you select come from a reputable manufacturer who will provide service when necessary to backup the purchase. You also want to be sure that the right attachments come with the purchased fleet. Moreover, you want to be certain that the lifts are properly marked for their true capacity with that attachment. You also want to be sure that your employees are familiar with driving that brand.

Short-term forklift rentals can help a fleet manager make the right decision on what brand and model to commit to when finally making a purchase.

Negotiating Short Term Forklift Rentals

When it comes to negotiating short-term forklift rentals, a fleet manager would know how long the lifts would be needed, what attachments are required, and whatever else is needed. He would be aware what the exact cost of the rentals would be each season. So he can plan for it.

Moreover, short-term forklift rental agreements include maintenance. So the fleet manager would be aware of these costs and can plan for them.

Is this something you should be considering for your fleet operation?


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