Continuously Encourage Employees to Follow Forklift Safety


Due to the fact that Forklifts are extremely dangerous, it is important to continuously make agents aware of the importance of operating forklift as safely as possible. Forklift casualties are amongst the top ten casualties that occur in warehouses.  Therefore, finding ways to help reduce casualties can help lower the number of casualties in your work place.  Below are some ideas you can use for your forklift operators and other employees that work near forklifts to help encourage safety on a continuous basis.

Continuously Train on the Importance of Forklift Safety

When it comes to emphasizing the importance of forklift safety, having specialized training on forklift safety can dramatically help keep forklift safety fresh inside the forklift operators’ mind. You can consider looking for specialized training in your area, or even consider purchasing online training or specialized DVDs that focus on forklift safety.

Continuously Test Your Employees on Safety Guidelines

Another great way of emphasizing the importance of forklift safety is by testing your employees on a continuous basis. One of the reasons this works so well is because the operators will need to continuously re study specific topics on forklift safety to make sure they fully understand all the important topics that the test will contain.

Evaluate Employees Performance on Keeping Safety an Importance

Employee evaluations are another great way to help encourage employees to keep forklift safety as a high priority.  By having a periodic evaluation, employees will be focused on making sure they limit the amount of potential casualties and violations. Evaluations should focus on two key factors—the number of violations that could have caused a forklift casualty, as well as the actual number of forklift casualties that actually occurred.  The evaluations should focus both on positive and negative consequences. Positive consequences include giving them a reward such as a bonus, or other incentive to help encourage workers to continuously improve their dedication on safely operating a forklift. Negative consequence could include suspension or termination for breaking too many violations.

Provide Group Rewards for having a Limited Number of Casualties

One great way of helping your employees as a whole is to provide a group incentive that all employees can focus on making forklift safety as a team. Some great ideas for incentives include providing a catered meal or providing a bonus on their next payroll.  By creating a group incentive, it helps everyone to work together to help encourage having a safe working environment.

Continuously Determine Ways to Make Your Work Environment Safer

There are always ways to help improve the work environment’s safety conditions.  Sometimes many companies just rely on management to focus on developing ways to help improve safety conditions. However, sometimes the ones that have the best ideas are the actual forklift operators and those working around forklifts.  These workers continuously see the importance of forklift safety and can point out and provide ideas to help improve safety conditions that management just does not see since they are not working on a continuous basis that the regular workforce is doing.

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