‘BOLO’ Mirrors Help Forklift Drivers Look Out for Trouble

backuphandle2An innovative new type of forklift mirror allows lift truck operators to have a wider and deeper view of what’s in front of their loads when driving their vehicles.

BOLO — which is an acronym for “Be On the Lookout” — is a new patented dual mirror system that uses convex lenses to project compressed images onto flat mirrors that can be easily viewed by forklift drivers.

The new type of mirror provides  drivers with a deep forward and vertical view that intersects at a central point, essentially allowing the operator to see everything that lies in front of them without blind spots.

Drivers Can See What Lies Ahead

The BOLO mirrors and lenses are fitted into an adjustable housing unit made out of 90% recycled plastic. They are engineered to maintain the optimal distance between them so that the driver’s viewpoint is fixed.

The mirrors come with two options: Slimview or Wideview. Both can be installed on either the right or left hand of the forklift cabin.

Slimview Mirrors

The Slimview mirror focuses on the vehicle’s tines and provides a compressed view around the carried load. It is recommended for smaller forklifts (up to 3,500 lbs.). The mirror fits on the vehicle’s mast.

It provides enough space between the vehicle’s cabin and the carriage so that the driver can actually see what is in front of the forklift at all times.

Another version of the BOLO Slimview mirror is available for forklifts over 7,500 lbs. that operate in tight spaces where the mirrors have to fit within the vehicle’s footprint.

Wideview Mirrors

Wideview BOLO mirrors provide the operator with a panoramic view of the tines extending around the load, as well as up to 100 yards in front of the vehicle. They are designed to be used on forklifts weighing between 7,500 and 25,000 lbs.

Wideview BOLO mirrors are recommended for all forklifts that have double front wheels.

Other Features

Other features of BOLO mirrors include:

  • Fixing brackets that can be used to customize the position of the mirrors depending on the driver’s specific needs.
  • BOLO mirrors can be retrofitted to most small- and medium-sized forklifts.
  • A state-of-the-art clutch design allows the mirrors to be set and locked. If one of the mirror should be moved or knocked out of place, it can then be easily returned to its pre-set memory position.
  • BOLO mirrors are made of durable materials and are designed to operate in heavy-duty, industrial environments. They can stand up to extreme temperature conditions.

Bracket Options

BOLO mirrors also can be fitted using a number of different brackets. A slim arm bracket — which extends 21.5 to 24.5 cm from the mast — can be used on small forklifts working in tight spaces. A bracket fitted with the BOLO Wideview mirrors can be used when a wider field of view is required. These extend 28.5 cm from the mast.

Short arm brackets can be fitted on bigger forklifts that require a wider field of view. These extend 34 cm from from the mast.

Long arm brackets for Wideview BOLO mirrors are used on the biggest forklifts that need the widest field of view. These extend between 44 and 52 cm from the mast.

A master bracket — which can be used with either the Wideview or Slimview BOLO mirrors — give the most versatility for fore and aft adjustment.They are recommended when you aren’t sure which exact positioning you need on the mast or how much of an extension is required. Master brackets can be installed with any of the other brackets.


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