What are the Best Selling Forklift Accessories?

The best forklift accessories are the ones you need for your business. The only problem is that too many forklift owners make do without the right accessories far too long. Every time you spend time jury-rigging a temporary attachment or doing a job manually a forklift accessory could do for you, you’re wasting time and money. In the long run, that adds up to big money.

The best selling forklift accessories outsell the others for a reason: they are the most useful. Check out these best sellers and see if one of them could improve your business efficiency and bottom line:

The Carpet Pole

Carpet pole/coil ram

Carpet pole” is an unfortunate name for this best selling forklift accessory. “Coil ram,” as it is also known, describes it better. Both carriage mounted and fork mounted versions are available. Obviously, carriage mounted carpet poles are used in carpet warehouses, but a fork mounted coil ram comes in handy in any factory or warehouse where coiled materials are used. It takes less time to attach the coil ram to your forklift forks than it does to manually load the coiled materials and carrying cylindrical materials with a coil ram is far safer than balancing them between the forks.

The Front Loader

A front loader in action

If you don’t have a fork-mounted front loader, you’re missing out on one of the most useful forklift accessories of all. Its dust pan design makes it ideal for everything from picking up refuse to shoveling snow or transporting sand and gravel. Easily stored out of the way of traffic and just as easily attached to your forklift forks, even if you use a front loader only a few times a year, it’s a great investment. That’s why it’s one of the best selling forklift accessories.

The Crane Scale

Crane scale

The crane scale is not just a best selling forklift accessory, it’s an indispensable accessory. There are dozens of reasons for needing one. The easy-to-read digital display gives accurate weight measurements from 600 to 6,000 lbs and can give gross or net weight displays. Take the guesswork out of the job and know exactly what a load weighs with a crane scale.

The Drum Attachment

Fork-mounted Drum handler

Drum attachments are top selling forklift attachments for a very good reason. Drums are used in virtually every industrial setting. As common as they are, they’re also very unwieldy — unless you have the right forklift attachment. Drum attachments come in a wide variety of prices and models, so there’s one for every workplace. Choose a light duty drum gripper for occasional use or a heavy duty single or double drum lifter for regular use in the factory or warehouse. Safety and ease of use are built in to drum handlers: the forklift operator can securely attach open or closed drums from his seat in the forklift carriage.

Check out the full range of forklift accessories and forklift attachments on forkliftaccessories.com. You’re bound to find an accessory or attachment that will save you time and money. Since “time is money” in the workplace, one of these best selling forklift accessories or a forklift attachment you knew you needed but didn’t know where to find could be one of the best investments you make this year.



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