Benefits of Universal Forklift Seats

Universal forklift seatsAsk anyone who has driven a forklift for any extended amount of time and they will tell you: What differentiates a good forklift from a bad one is the quality of the seat.

Forklift seats that have broken springs, lumpy padding, tears in the vinyl or other flaws can make a six- or eight-hour shift practically unbearable. Because forklifts aren’t known for their shock absorption, the seat provides most of the protection against the bumps and jolts that come with the constant stopping and starting.

If the forklift seat is not in top condition, it can take its toll on employee health, morale and even productivity. An uncomfortable worker is an unhappy worker. And an unhappy worker is less likely to give 100% during his or her shift.

Universality Means Versatlity

The problem is that in the same way that forklifts come in all different shapes and sizes, each has its own uniquely designed seat. Finding a new or used replacement seat for one that is damaged or broken can take time and effort. And the longer your workers are operating vehicles in discomfort, the lower your productivity, and ultimately your profitability.

One solution is purchasing a universal forklift seat. These are designed to fit practically any brand or size of forklift of other lift vehicle and can be installed quickly and easily to provide maximum comfort for your employees.

Universal forklift seats have specially designed springs and padding so they can absorb even the harshest bumps and pounding. These minimizes employee injury and fatigue, making your workers more motivated and comfortable throughout their shift. And a happy, comfortable worker is a productive worker.

Can Be Switched Between Vehicles

Many universal forklift seats are designed to fit multiple brands of vehicles, so they are interchangeable. This gives you the versatility to move a single universal forklift seat from one forklift to another almost instantly.

Universal forklift seats are easy to install and remove using simple tools. Most feature durable vinyl covers that can stand up to the rough and tumble wear and tear of even the busiest warehouse or manufacturing operations.

Plus, ForkliftAccessories carries a complete line of universal forklift seats in stock so you can replace your broken or damaged forklift seats without having to wait for an order to be shipped from a manufacturer of from a remote warehouse facility. That means you can get your forklift back in operation and adding to your bottom line with minimal downtime.

You may even consider keeping a spare universal forklift seat on hand as a backup so that you always have one available. This is a great way to let your workers know that you care about their comfort and safety, while at the same time setting your business up for success.

One of the most effective ways to build employee loyalty and increase productivity is to make your workers feel happy in their work. Adding universal forklift seats to your fleet of lift trucks is a fast and easy way to accomplish this objective with minimal investment.




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