Benefits of the Forklift Camera

Poor visibility can be attributed to so many forklift injuries and damage to equipment, and it is not hard to see why. With many forklifts using racks that go upwards of a dozen meters high, it can be exceedingly difficult for operators to have any idea of how far away the lift truck is from the pallet. Operating a forklift that has poor visibility can result in lifting the wrong load or other dangerous results. Historically, many warehouses have purchased lasers in order to enhance visibility, but this is less than ideal since they do not offer the projected view of a camera. In an effort to gain a better view behind the wheel of the lift truck, many warehouses are outfitting their forklifts with forklift cameras. The popularity of the forklift camera should really come as no surprise, as people have been purchasing cars with safety cameras for quite some time now. When you consider the visibility challenges of operating a forklift and the general safety dangers posed by lift trucks, it becomes evident cameras are even more important on a forklift than an ordinary. This post explains the different benefits of installing a camera in your forklift.

Protect Cargo with a Rear Camera

Protect Cargo with a Rear Camera

Why cameras are so useful

Obviously, the camera makes it easier for the operator to get a clear view of the forks and rack. The camera is installed between the forks and includes a small LCD screen in the cab. One of the handiest aspects of the forklift camera is that they can be installed on literally any type of forklift, even counterbalance lift trucks. With the camera, operators are more easily able to pick up high loads. The forklift camera also improves the posture of the operator, since one no longer needs to contort their neck in order to look outside of the forklift and get a clear view of the load. It is important for operators to remember the importance of driving slowly while looking at the camera, since one’s eyes are diverted away from the front of the vehicle.

Wires or no wires?

Forklift cameras can be purchased with or without wires. There is no clear-cut best option, but it is believed that wires offer the best picture quality. However, the wireless variety is great because of the lack of clutter.

Installing a forklift camera is an important step in improving operator safety and cargo transportation. Whether using a wired or a wireless model, the camera makes it easier to lift high loads and protect cargo.

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