Benefits of Column Protectors in Warehouses

Column protectorsColumn Protector - 8 are colorful, impact-resistant guards that can be fitted on columns, posts, beams, piles and any other vertical surface in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. They serve as a buffer between the surface and forklifts, power jacks, and other vehicles.

Column protectors are designed to prevent damage to the racking or column that it protects. If a collision occurs, the column protector will significantly reduce the chance of damage, reducing repair costs and protecting the structural integrity of your facility.

Bright Colors Increase Awareness

Most column protectors come in bright colors that can easily be seen by forklift operators and other workers. This increased visibility acts as a warning to workers that they are approaching a beam or post and that they should proceed cautiously.

They come in a variety of colors, materials and price ranges and are simple to install. Plus, once they are in place, column protectors require little to no maintenance.

Various Sizes

When purchasing a column protector, there are a number of factors to consider. Perhaps the most important is size.

You should choose one with a width that matches the amount of available space in your facility. You also should consider the width of the vertical space you want to protect.

The height of the column protector also is important. Standard sizes run from 1 to 12 feet, although you can stack column protectors on top of each other to get the specific height protection you need.

While most column protectors are cylindrical, they come in a variety of molded shapes, including I-shaped, square, hexagon or cube.

Generally, they come in two pieces that fit together and can be fastened around the vertical post or beam you want to protect. But some column protectors are single pieces that can be wrapped around the vertical surface.

Bright Colors

Column protectors are meant to be seen from a long way off. That’s why they usually come in bright, fluorescent colors. The most common is yellow, but they also can be found in lime green, orange, multicolored stripes, and even reflective materials.

They often are made of thick polyethylene, which provides a cushion of air between the column and the outside wall of the column protector.

But you also can find steel protectors that are used for heavy-duty strength and have a bolt system to withstand a collision. Steel column protectors are heavier than other types, but they tend to be thinner in overall diameter so they take up less space around the column.

Vinyl column protectors, or “bumper wraps” as they are sometimes called, feature a vinyl material that runs about 1/2 inch thick and comes in a roll that allows you to customize it to whatever size you want. This is the type of column protector most often found at car dealership, shopping center parking lots, and other places to prevent damage from collisions with light poles.

Fastening Materials 

Column protectors use a variety of fastening materials depending on the applications. These include velcro straps, bolts, snap fasteners, cable ties, and reflective tape.



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