Automated Pallet Wrappers Save Time and Money

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When it comes to wrapping pallets in plastic wrap, there is the low-tech solution and the high-tech way of getting the job don.

The low-tech way is to use a broom handle or other pole-shaped object and stick it through the center of a cylinder of plastic wrap, then walk around the pallet until it is completely wrapped, cutting the plastic with a box knife or, worst case scenario, with your teeth or hands.

A Faster, More Efficient Solution

But if your business is shipping dozens or even hundreds of pallets of products per day, this is neither efficient nor smart. For one thing, it requires forklift operators to get down from their vehicles and manually wrap the pallet, increasing down time and decreasing productivity. And if the pallet isn’t wrapped tightly, there’s always the possibility that its contents can shift or fall, resulting in damaged or lost products and increased costs.

One solution is an automated pallet wrapper, such as the Wulftec SMLPA 200-S from AWS. This machine uses an automatic stretch wrapper that attaches and cuts the film without the need for forklift operators to ever exit their vehicle.

Pallets are simply dropped onto automatic pallet wrappers rotating disc then backs away. When the machine is activated, the disc spins as film is fed up and down around the pallet from an automated arm. A cutting tool is connected to a second automated arm that slices the film, securing it to the pallet.

Drivers Can Return to Other Jobs

While the automated pallet wrapper wraps the pallet unassisted, drivers are free to do haul other loads or perform other duties in the meantime. They can return to pick up the wrapped pallet later, at their convenience.

Even if they choose to wait, the automated pallet wrapper can wrap a pallet in just a few seconds, a fraction of the time it would take the driver to wrap the pallet manually. The savings associated with this type of increased productivity can often offset the cost of buying or leasing an automatic pallet wrapping machine.

The Wulftec SMLPA 200-S also features a 250% pre-stretch delivery system that reduces the cost per pallet while strengthening the security of each wrapped palletized load.

Increased Efficiency, Capacity

The Wulftec SMLPA 200-S automated pallet wrapper can wrap up to 200 pallets per day. It runs at a speed of 16 revolutions per minute and has a load capacity of 5,000 lbs., but it is only one of several different models available from a variety of different providers. Automated pallet wrappers come in an array of sizes and load capacities, depending on your company’s specific needs.

If your business is growing and the “broom stick” method for wrapping pallets just won’t do any longer, it may be time to consider investing in more advanced technology like an automated pallet wrapper. They typically have a productive life of at least five years when properly maintained. And the savings in time and efficiency can quickly add up to offset the expense of buying or leasing one.




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