Affordable New Narrow Aisle Forklift Unveiled

Photo courtesy of Flexi

Photo courtesy of Flexi

While the trend in warehousing tends toward facilities that are more spread out and have wider aisles, some established companies need to find ways to work within older facilities that contain narrow aisles that offer little room to maneuver.

That’s where the new Flexi Ac NANO comes into play.

A New Low-Cost Solution

Introduced recently by the UK company Narrow Aisle Ltd., the Flexi Ac is an entry-level, low-cost forklift that is designed to operate in very tight quarters.

How tight? Would you believe aisles that are only 5.24 feet wide?

The Flexi Ac NANO is small but powerful, with a lifting capacity of up to 3,500 lbs. and a lifting height of nearly 16.5 feet.  It also features a high voltage heavy-duty battery system with convenient on-board charging.

Includes the Best Features of Other Flexi Lift Trucks

Like other Flexi forklifts, the NANO has front wheel drive and can articulate 220 degrees, enabling operators to pick and put away loads in the narrowest of aisles. The company that makes it estimates that the Flexi Ac NANO can save warehouse operators at least 30% of their storage costs when using the vehicle.

The Flexi Ac NANO also can unload pallets from road vehicles or trucks parked in loading docks then deliver loads directly storage racks, saving handling costs by as much as 50% for some users, according to John Maguire, Flexi Narrow Aisle’s sales and marketing director.

Small but Powerful

So how were designers able to build the new narrow aisle forklift so cheaply? By using highly efficient standard components, but with a lower capacity than those offered in other high-performance Flexi vehicles.

“With the new entry-level Flexi Ac NANO, we are offering a cost-effective alternative to the high-performance Flexi models that are available,” Maguire said in a company news release announcing the forklift. “The NANO is perfect for those companies that do not operate around the clock or demand a high level of handling performance, but would still like to take advantage of the space and materials handling cost savings that Flexi articulated truck technology offers.”

Ideal for Small, Tight Warehouses

The Flexi Ac NANO was designed for users in the high street and SME sectors who are looking for an affordable solution to their light- to medium-duty storage and handling applications.

Light yet versatile, the new NANO not only is ideal for narrow aisle use, but it also can operate efficiently both inside and outside the warehouse.



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