Forklift-Related Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Photo by DR04 via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by DR04 via Wikimedia Commons

With Christmas only two days away, time is running out of the people on your holiday gift list. In the spirit of the holiday season, here are a few last-minute holiday gifts so you can complete your holiday shopping before Santa Claus arrives:

Frankie Forklift and Friends Children’s Book

A new children’s book called, “Frankie Forklift and Friends” features a main character who  is sort of like the Powered Industrial Equipment version of Thomas the Tank Engine. He is a forklift with human-like characteristics who — along with his friends Petee Pallet, Sally Shrinkwrap, Tony Towmotor, and others — introduces children to the world of material handling equipment in a fun and entertaining way.

The first book in the series — which revolves around Frankie’s first day at work — is available for sale online now and is expected to be the first in a long series of books chronicling the friendly forklift’s adventures, according to author Frank Clark, who is an executive at an Arkansas-based materials handling company when not writing children’s books.

Forklift Toys and Models 

If you would like your children to know more about what you do at work, consider placing toy forklift and forklift models under the tree this year. Your kids will play for hours with these lifelike, durable toys.

Display Miniatures

Some forklift toys are intended to be displayed rather than played with. Miniature forklifts made of wood, metal and plastic can be purchased for practically every model used in actual operations today.

These lifelike replicas can be displayed on a shelf, a desk or a mantlepiece, making them the perfect gift for the manager or executive on your holiday shopping list.

Safety Equipment

This holiday season, consider giving your loved one the gift of safety. Personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, fluorescent vests, work gloves, ear plugs and other gear make a practical as well as a personal gift.

New work boots, uniform shirts and pants, warm wool socks, and even new underwear are gifts that are not only useful but will also keep your loved one more comfortable and productive during the coming winter and beyond.

Employee Gifts

Business owners and managers who want to show their staff how much they care can also get into the holiday spirit by buying small, inexpensive gifts that can make their jobs easier.

These can include such things as multi-tool devices, pocket knives, and other handy tools that workers can use at both work and at home.

‘Tis the season for giving. This holiday season, consider forklift-themed gifts that spread good cheer to all of your loved ones.


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