6 Forklift Attachments to Consider This Fall

Forklift Boom Attachment (Photo via Maktec Manufacturing at flickr.com)

Forklift Boom Attachment (Photo via Maktec Manufacturing at flickr.com)

If you still have room in your capital budget this year, why not spend it on something that can boost your productivity while improving the efficiency (and profitability) of your warehouse and dock operations: Forklift accessories.

If you already own or lease a forklift to transport, store, and organize materials, you can get more use from your existing vehicle with minimal investment by purchasing one or more of these six helpful forklift attachments:

Forklift Booms

Forklift booms attach to the tines of your forklift to transform your vehicle into a small-scale crane or lifting device. The forklift booms available from ForkliftAccessories.com come in standard non-telescopic, telescopic, high-rise, and even pivoting models so you can choose the one that’s right for your operations.

Carpet Poles

Transporting heavy, bulky rolls of carpet and other cylindrically-stored materials can be close to impossible unless you have the right tools for the job. Carpet poles and coil rams are attachments that fit onto the front of your forklift to facilitate the easy, fast and convenient lifting and transporting of carpet rolls and other hard-to-handle products.

Drum Attachments 

Industrial drums are one of the most popular ways to store liquids, chemicals, pellets, and other commonly used materials in manufacturing and industry. But they also are tricky to handle without the proper equipment.

Drum attachments facilitate the handling of single or multiple drums using your existing forklift. Operators can lift, move, transport, and store heavy 55-gallon and other sized drums without ever leaving the driver’s seat.

Forklift Sweeper Attachment

Forklift Sweeper Attachment

Forklift Mounted Sweepers

Keeping the floors of your warehouse, dock, manufacturing facility, or other workspaces clear of dust, dirt, and debris isn’t just a cosmetic choice, it’s also essential to the safety of your workers, equipment, and business.

Floor mounted sweeper attachments let you use your forklift to effectively clean large areas quickly and effectively in minimal time and with minimal effort.

Forklift Lift Platforms

Why spend money buying or leasing scissors lifts or other equipment to elevate your workers to high working heights when you can use your existing forklift?

Lift platforms attach to your vehicle so you can safely and securely lift workers using the same hydraulic mast assembly used to lift and transport products.


Forklift-mounted hoppers are one of the most convenient attachments you can buy because they can be used for many different purposes. Collect trash, recyclables, and other materials efficiently and safely throughout your property in just minutes.

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