5 Accessories You Need for Your Recharging Station

(courtesy: Charles Green)

If you use an electric forklift, you already know that every minute your vehicle is out of service during recharging is time away from more productive uses. Quite literally, in the forklift recharging room time is money.

So getting your electric forklift recharged and back in service as quickly as possible needs to be everybody’s objective. The more time your forklift is parked in the recharging station, the fewer materials it can handle.

Here are seven battery accessories you can get right now that can maximize the productivity of your electric forklift by minimizing the time it spends parked in the recharging station.

Hands-On Accessories

A forklift battery lifting beam is an essential tool for removing batteries safely from their vehicle housing. Forklift batteries are heavy and awkward. So special care needs to be used while lifting them out of position for recharging or maintenance. A forklift battery lifting beam makes a tough job simpler, faster, and safer.

Removing the battery cap can often add precious minutes to the recharging time of your electric forklift. Battery caps often become stuck because of jostling during motion, a build-up of chemicals or other materials along the threading, or because they were screwed on too tightly the last time the battery was charged. A cap-off battery cap removal tool provides the torque needed to remove even the tightest battery cap with a single twist.

Quick-Fill Accessories

Getting water into batteries can be a sloppy job. But even the slightest spill or splash can cause workers to be exposed to dangerous acids. So special care needs to be taken during every fill. A simple hose often won’t do.

A forklift battery watering gun lets you fill batteries with water with precision as well as speed. This helpful forklift battery charging accessory cuts downtime while providing the safety you need to ensure workers aren’t injured during recharging procedures.

If you need to refill your battery in the field or if you have multiple recharging stations, a portable forklift battery watering cart gives you the same speed and safety as the forklift battery watering gun, but with mobility added into the mix as well.

A battery cable tower is a helpful tool that can speed up recharging while simultaneously improving safety. When mounted to the wall or the battery stand, the operator can easily pull the charger cables down to the battery. Then, once recharging is complete, the cables can be disconnected from the battery and they automatically snap back into place for the next job.

Speeding up recharging helps return electric forklifts back into service more quickly. These five helpful forklift battery recharging station accessories can help get the job done.

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