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Flow Control Option for 4000 Lb H Style Hopper

Flow Control Option for 4,000 Lb H Style Hopper

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Units have a full 90 ° dump angle with a cushioned rubber bumper stop. The low profile design is essential for convenient loading. Dumping with a forklift is quick and simple. A cable is pulled from the seat of the forklift to dump the hopper. The unit returns to an upright and locked position when lowered to the ground. A locking chain is provided to secure the hopper to the forklift.22 "L usable fork pockets measure 7"W x 2"H on 11-5/8" centers. Formed base thickness is 1/4". Blue powder coat finish.


4,000 LB

Net. Wt.

30 lbs

Additional Info

Additional Info

Product Type Aftermarket Parts
Weight 30.0000