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Forklift Attachment Products for Safety

Because the forklift is a slow moving vehicle, it does not pose the same dangers as a car or a truck. However, because of the nature of the work it does, it poses other, equal dangers. Each safety forklift attachment serves a purpose and none of them should be taken lightly.

It wasn't until the 1990s that seatbelts became mandatory on forklifts. Unfortunately, the forklift one man was driving in 1996 was not fitted with a seatbelt forklift attachment. When the forklift began to tip over due to a faulty rear axle and a fault in the steering mechanism, the driver instinctively attempted to jump out of the cab to safety. Instead, he was pinned beneath the forklift's overhead guard and died. This tragic accident highlights the vital importance of safety attachments on forklifts. In this case, several things could have prevented the accident.

forklift replacement seatHad the older model forklift been retro-fitted with a seatbelt forklift attachment, the man would not have been able to attempt to jump out of the cab. He would have been held securely within the protective confines of the steel structure that supported the overhead guard. He would have probably been injured, but he most likely would not have died.

Officials who examined the accident determined that had the vehicle been properly maintained, the accident would most probably not have occurred. The faulty rear axle allowed the forklift to tip more than it should have on the fairly minor 3 degree slope. That, in combination with the steering mechanism, which had too much play in it and prevented him from taking corrective action quickly, caused the forklift to tip over.

Aside from the importance of regular maintenance and repair, proper training in forklift use is of paramount importance. Too many forklift operators learn only what they need to know for day-to-day normal operations, but don't have a proper understanding of all aspects of forklift operation. The forklift training materials available here on forkliftaccessories.com can help fill in the gaps in an operator's knowledge and help prevent accidents.

In addition, every day, a brief inspection should be carried out. Tire pressure, for instance, is extremely important, because low pressure in a tire or tires can allow the forklift to tilt beyond its design capabilities and tip over. Are there cracks, deformations or other signs of weakness in the forks, masts, overhead guard or seat backrest? If so, the defective part should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Older forklifts are often missing important safety features that come standard or as optional extras on new forklifts. Forklift safety products such as sensitive fork level indicators and even a simple dome light for increased visibility can greatly enhance a forklift's safety.

Bahrns Champaign Ill headquartersCheck out the full range of forklift safety products here on forkliftaccessories.com. Many of them, such as safety signs, cost very little, yet contribute an enormous amount to workplace safety.

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