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Increase Forklift Efficiency with Forklift Accessories


The forklift is an amazing machine. With just the basic attachments, two 4 foot long forks, it can handle hundreds of workplace jobs that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. When you add forklift accessories, it becomes a workhorse that can simplify almost any job in the warehouse or other industrial setting.


forklift fork extensionsThe most basic forklift accessories are add-ons to the forks. These include various slide-on forks that lengthen the standard fork, cushion it or change its shape for special purpose jobs. Most workplaces have forklift extensions tucked away in an easy to access location, ready for those occasions when extra long forks are required.


Cushioning forklift accessories, such as soft polyurethane fork covers are inexpensive and a far better option than improvising with some offcuts of soft padding that has a way of slipping off or getting caught up somewhere along the line. Another often overlooked and economical fork cover is rounded on top. This one holds objects securely between the forks while also protecting them from damage from the steel fork edges.


More elaborate forklift accessories cover the gamut from self dumping hoppers and waste receptacle lifters and dumpers to work platforms. These may either be primarily for use on the warehouse or factory floor for daily use or for use on important jobs that would otherwise require more expensive equipment.


Self dumping hoppers are some of the most useful forklift accessories because they are needed virtually every day in the workplace. They are put to use in collecting and removing rubbish, carrying large quantities of loose goods and for any other purpose where a large capacity receptacle that can easily be emptied is needed. Self-balanced, they can be manually emptied and then return to their upright position.


Why limit the forklift's ability to reach pallets stacked high in pallet racks to just pallets? With a work platform or safety cage attached to the forks, personnel can work safely at height. This eliminates the need for dangerous ladders or expensive specialty equipment like a cherry picker. Forklift accessories like these are very cost-effective if you have a need to work for any reason at a height that would normally require a ladder.

forklift loading platformA forklift's potential is severely limited if there is no way to get it off of the workplace floor. There are many occasions when it is needed elsewhere. That is why special forklift portable loading platforms have been designed. These can be as simple as an inexpensive platform to a heavy duty ramp designed specifically for gaining access to container ships.


These are just a few examples of forklift accessories that greatly increase this already versatile machine's versatility. If you have a forklift in your warehouse or factory, is it doing everything for you that it possibly could?


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