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Forklift Accessories Make the Forklift More than Just a Forklift

Everyone in industry agrees that the workplace would not function as well as it does without forklifts. When forklift accessories designed for specific purposes are added to the ordinary forklift, it becomes even more indispensable.

In the strictest sense of the word, a forklift is a machine that lifts "forks" of steel with a hydraulic "lift." As with many brilliant ideas, it is a simple machine. All the operator has to do is slide the forks under a pallet and lift the pallet of goods. When specialty forklift accessories are used instead of or with normal forks, its utility goes far beyond just lifting flat objects.

forklift drum attachmentThe problems with normal forks occur when you have irregularly shaped objects to move. Tightly rolled wall-to-wall carpet, for example cannot be safely moved with normal tines. The carpet pole solves the problem, though. This simple attachment slides into the center of the roll, allowing for safe transport by forklift.

There are some very sophisticated forklift accessories that allow the operator to rotate materials on the forklift. Unlike normal forks, which are stationary, some attachments hold containers securely and can be rotated 180 degrees or even fully rotated. When you have a regular need to lift and rotate containers, these time saving accessories are just what is needed to get the job done fast.

The forklift drum attachment, for example, is an attachment that makes it possible to not only lift heavy drums of liquids, but to securely rotate and pour from them. This is just one example of a rotating forklift accessory that can be indispensable in certain situations.

Forklifts are designed to lift goods to heights inaccessible from ground level, but what if a pallet-full of goods is not needed? You can invest in an expensive personnel lift and that may be just what you need in a large warehouse, but what if you're a smaller operation that can't justify the cost? Turn your lift truck into a personnel lift with forklift work platforms. Designed with rider safety and efficiency uppermost in mind, they are perfect for those situations where a ladder is not enough, but a personnel lift is too much.

There are many occasions when the forklift operator needs longer forks than those that come standard. That's where forklift extensions come in handy. Simply slide the fork blades on to these and the problem is solved.

Bahrns rental centerWith so many alternatives to standard forks, the word "forklift" does not adequately define what this machine is capable of doing. With the ability to not only lift with forks, but to be able to use forklift accessories for innumerable other materials handling jobs, it is a far more versatile piece of equipment than the name implies.

Forkliftaccessories.com has all the forklift attachments and forklift accessories needed to make your forklift not just ordinary, but extraordinary. A division of Bahrns Materials Handling Equipment and Supplies, this company has an established reputation for expertise in the materials handling industry. Learn more about the company, forklift accessories and services they provide on their site.