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Forklift Accessories, part of the Bahrns Equipment family, has all of your essential forklift accessories in its extensive online catalog of equipment and supplies. While even standard forklift forks make the lift truck one of the most productive pieces of equipment in any industrial setting, forklift accessories extend its capabilities even further.

Forklift Accessories Products

With over forty years experience selling forklifts and forklift accessories to the materials handling industries, Bahrns Materials Handling Equipment and Supplies is acutely aware of the benefits of forklift accessories. The company has created ForkliftAccessories.com in order to help customers learn more about forklift accessories and find the ones they need fast.

While the cost benefits of forklifts is well documented, it takes hands-on experience to realize just how much even inexpensive forklift attachments like telescoping booms, die lifting tongs and magnetic lifters can increase productivity in the workplace. Telescoping booms are ingeniously simple forklift accessories that transform an ordinary forklift into a crane. Used in conjunction with other forklift accessories like those mentioned above or rigging slings fastened to their swivelling hooks, booms can lift loads of up to 6000 lbs. Note, though, that other forklift accessories attached to their hooks often have lower weight limits and the telescoping boom you choose must be approved for use with your counterbalanced forklift.

Other forklift accessories that greatly enhance a forklift's capabilities include attachments such as self-dumping hoppers. Whether your operation is large or small, there are self-dumping hoppers that can improve efficiency and productivity in your workplace. A small cabinet making company, for example, will always have saw dust and offcuts to dispose of. Your crew can repeatedly take time out of their working day to dispose of these manually or you can place low profile steel hoppers strategically around the workshop. As they work, your team can simply toss the debris into the hoppers and a forklift operator can empty them as needed in minutes.

low profile self dumping steel hopper

These two examples serve to illustrate the importance of forklift accessories in any materials handling setting. Your investment in forklift attachments is minor compared to your investment in a forklift, yet can effectively double its value to you.

Also look into investing in a variety of forklift safety products. Many of these, such as safety signs, cost very little, but go a long way towards insuring workplace safety at all times.

When choosing forklift accessories, it is very important to match them with your forklift's capabilities. ForkliftAccessories always suggests that you check with your forklift manufacturer before deciding to buy any forklift accessories. If you are in any doubt at all about any of the products listed in our catalog, contact one of our customer service representatives first and they will be happy to help you.